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ARRG...IIS/PWS - Help configuring erebol

 [1/6] from: gavin_mckenzie::fastmail::fm at: 17-Feb-2002 13:13 I've configured erebol to work under IIS before, and then my system got seriously electrocuted. No serviceable backups of the system drive available. So, I've got everything rebuilt, except for getting [the most excellent] erebol configured. I hope...there must be someone on the list who uses IIS or PWs (the config should be similar/same) with erebol or their own homegrown Rebol Server Page solution. Previously I associated .html with erebol.r -- but, I remember cursing for a couple of hours trying to get IIS to properly invoke REBOL. Combinations of command lines like: rebol.exe -cs erebol.r %s %s rebol.exe -s --cgi --script erebol.r %s %s etc... The symptoms of all my attempts include: - REBOL doing nothing but returning its startup banner to the browser (why would this occur, when I've specified either --cgi or -cs?) - REBOL complaining that it cannot evaluate 'erebol.r' (I don't want it to evaluate erebol.r, I want it to do erebol.r) In all cases, rebol doesn't seem to be receiving a valid command line that would have it execute erebol.r. *sigh* Suggestions welcome. Ideally, someone can tell me the magical REBOL command-line they have in their IIS/PWS config. Gavin. -- Gavin McKenzie [gavin_mckenzie--fastmail--fm]

 [2/6] from: cybarite:sympatico:ca at: 17-Feb-2002 9:34

Hi Gavin, This might just annoy you .... so if it does just ignore it. I have seen dozens of questions about the challenges that you are facing on this list. What I am missing is why run IIS when you can run the Xitami server and avoid this stuff? The only answer I have come to so far that makes any sense is that your employer has decreed using IIS so you are running this server at your corporate address. I put a rebol script in my cgi directory including stuff like #! c:\Rebol\View\rebol.exe -cs REBOL [] print "Content-Type: text/html^/" ;-- Required Page Header Because of the #!, I can call this script any file name extension I like and don't have to make an association between this extension and launching REBOL. One option is to call it .htm so it looks like a simple page fetch. Or any other extension like .jsp .pl if that is what makes people feel comfortable. Sorry if this is too obvious or well known. I just know that I tried IIS / PWS as well and spent a lot of hours on it. It was champagne opening time when I got it to work. But since I went to Xitami and REBOL I have not had one of these "*sigh*". No reply is needed ... just Sunday morning coffee pondering.

 [3/6] from: gavin:mckenzie:sympatico:ca at: 17-Feb-2002 16:31

I think that you summed things up pretty well. Fact is that I have to touch a variety of systems, some M$-based, some not. Apache and IIS are the two that I deal with on a regular basis. This specific application makes use of the tight integration between IIS and M$ SQL Server 2000 -- I can query the database with an old fashioned HTTP GET with the query embedded in an URL, and get back a XML result set ready to be turned into HTML with some help from REBOL. this specific case, I don't have a choice on the server. And, adding more frustration to all of this, I have configured this successfully before. Configuring IIS or PWS to call REBOL for CGI processing is a piece of cake. The fun begins when you want to configure it for REBOL Server Page duty. Otherwise, when not using IIS, I do understand the beauty of the 'shebang' approach. I used *nix years before my hands ever graced a Windows box. No worries. I'm not annoyed by your suggestions. I am blinded with annoyance that I didn't jot down the %#^%#!! syntax that worked previously. Of course, having an image of my system disk would've helped me too, rather than exclusively paying attention to backup policies for the data hard-drives in the system. Gavin.

 [4/6] from: tim:johnsons-web at: 17-Feb-2002 13:22

Hi: Let me make both a suggestion (and I don't know if it would be any help) and ask a question: I have configured rebol to work on PWS on both win NT 4.0 and windows 98 in the following manner Add a new string value to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3Svc\Parameters\Script Map with name of .r and the value of c:\rebol\rebol.exe -cs %s Of course, substituting whatever your path would be.. Now here's my question: What is 'erebol? I hope I've been some help... tim * Gavin McKenzie <[gavin_mckenzie--fastmail--fm]> [020217 04:39]:
> I've configured erebol to work under IIS before, and then my > system got seriously electrocuted. No serviceable backups of the
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> [rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the > subject, without the quotes.
-- Tim Johnson <[tim--johnsons-web--com]>

 [5/6] from: koopmans:itr:ing:nl at: 18-Feb-2002 10:19

erebol stands for 'embedded rebol' and can be used for embedding rebol in text pages, like JSP, ASP, PHP but then with your favourite language. In the script lib.... --Maarten

 [6/6] from: koopmans:itr:ing:nl at: 18-Feb-2002 15:53

Quoting yourself from the past.... Does this help? --Maarten On Monday 18 February 2002 10:19, you wrote:

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