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Developing Rebol under Linux for the console averse with gedit

 [1/6] from: pwawood::gmail::com at: 11-Sep-2008 11:59

I found this easy way of running Rebol directly from the gedit text editor. 1. Select Edit->Preferences 2. Select Plugins Tab 3. Select External Tools 4. Select Configure Plugin 5. Added a new tool giving it a name (Rebol/View in my case) 6. Set Shortcut Key to your choice (<Control><Alt>r in my case). 7. Set Commands to the command you would use to start Rebol (/home/ peter/Desktop/rebview -vs in my case) 8. Close the External Tools Manager 9. Close gedit preferences Then when you have your script open in the active editor window, press the Shortcut Key. Regards Peter

 [2/6] from: tim-johnsons::web::com at: 11-Sep-2008 7:18

On Wednesday 10 September 2008, Peter W A Wood wrote:
> I found this easy way of running Rebol directly from the gedit text > editor.
<<quoted lines omitted: 8>>
> 8. Close the External Tools Manager > 9. Close gedit preferences
Can you run the rebol interpreter asynchronously using this setup? I wrote a rebol mode for emacs years ago and love the comint (inferior) mode for running the interpreter (/core) tim

 [3/6] from: pwawood::gmail::com at: 13-Sep-2008 12:06

Tim It seems not. Running a script locks up the editor. Of course, there may be somebody more knowledgeable than I who knows otherwise. Regards Peter On 11 Sep 2008, at 23:18, Tim Johnson wrote:

 [4/6] from: tim-johnsons::web::com at: 13-Sep-2008 7:45

On Friday 12 September 2008, Peter W A Wood wrote:
> Tim > > It seems not. Running a script locks up the editor. >
I had the same problem. thanks tim

 [5/6] from: btiffin::rogers::com at: 13-Sep-2008 14:30

If anyone likes KATE; there is an xml you can snag off of an email archive for a REBOL syntax highlighter. I'll track it down if anyone likes. KATE lets you be editing coloured source with a terminal window attached and open. Play with the code, have rebol in the terminal, DO from the prompt. Click back to edit. Livin'. And, with rebol.vim, vi the same file, coloured in the terminal ... KATE will detect the change and offer a reload ... Livin'. Cheers, Brian On September 10, 2008 11:59:19 pm Peter W A Wood wrote:

 [6/6] from: btiffin::rogers::com at: 18-Sep-2008 0:45

Someone asked, so I tracked down the KATE highlighter. I've attached rebol.vim - ships with vim 7.1 (could perhaps use a duff over) - and rebol.xml for KATE. Place this in /usr/share/apps/katepart/syntax/rebol.xml (Debian 4, KDE 3.5.9) Also comes with a highlight tester. This file could definitely use a good duffing. Note; I snagged this off some KDE mail archive a long time ago ... I may well be in breach of the author's copyrights for this and if so I apologize. It is licensed LGPL, but the file was never published outside the mailing as far as I know; unaccepted by the KATE team back in the day for failing some XML conformance test. I'm assuming it's ok to copy as that seemed to be Roland's intent. Roland Hadinger did the posting ... which I found linked here, but this isn't the archive where I originally found it: +page:1+mid:owsauba3h4fpi23k+state:results Personally I don't care about perfection with highlighters. This works for me, and I tote it around from system to system. KATE features outweigh the downside of some of the problems (and slash path confusion is one major drawback ... but again, I rarely care). Running an editor with rebol in an embedded konsole terminal session is just cool. KATE will send cd commands to the terminal to change to the directory of the current source file, pretty neat. Cheers, Brian On September 13, 2008 02:30:54 pm Brian Tiffin wrote:
> If anyone likes KATE; there is an xml you can snag off of an email archive > for a REBOL syntax highlighter. I'll track it down if anyone likes. > ...
-- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Ecartis -- -- Type: text/xml -- File: rebol.xml -- Attached file included as plaintext by Ecartis -- -- File: highlight.r REBOL [ Title: "Test file for REBOL syntax hilighting" Author: "Roland Hadinger (" Date: "2005-06-09" License: "LGPL" ] ctx-test: context [ do system/options/home/local/include/split-lines.r tuples: [ datatype 255.107.30 bold normal char 141.131.255 normal normal decimal 126.168.255 normal normal integer 136.154.255 normal normal ... ] chars: [ "amp" #"&" none "quot" #"^"" none "lt" #"<" none "gt" #">" none "nbsp" #"^(A0)" none ... ] strings: [ "euro" none "sbquo" none "bdquo" "hellip" "dagger" "Dagger" none "permil" none "lsaquo" none none none none none "lsquo" "rsquo" "ldquo" "rdquo" "bull" "ndash" "mdash" ... ] pairs: [ -0087x00419 -0095x00391 -0090x00375 -0068x00375 -0058x00364 -0015x00372 00002x00408 00031x00421 00031x00441 00065x00431 00133x00460 00195x00427 00225x00446 00225x00480 00226x00517 00202x00544 00111x00546 00095x00574 -0016x00464 -0011x00436 -0091x00433 none ... ] dates: [ 05-06-07 none 2005/04/19/16:56:42+02:00 none 2005-September-19 none 3171-Confusion-14 none 99999-99-99/99:99:99+99:99 none ] integers: [ 1'000'000'000 none 1000000000 none +1'000'000'000 none +1000000000 none -1'000'000'000 none -1000000000 none ] decimals: [ 0. none .0 none 1.0 none 2.718281828459045235428168107993940338929 none 3.141'592'653'589'793'238'462'643'383'279 none 1'000'000'000.0 none 1.0e100 none 1.0E100 none 1.0e+100 none 1.0e-100 none ] files: [ %build/index.r none %demos/index.r none %docs/index.r none %sync/index.r none %work/index.r none %"/C/Program Files/Rebol/" none ] binaries: [ #{ FF000000CE444444004444440044444400444444CE444444FF000000CE444444 0044444400B3B3B300B3B3B300B3B3B300444444CE4444440044444400B3B3B3 00B3B3B300B3B3B300B3B3B300B3B3B3004444440044444400B3B3B300B3B3B3 00D2D2D200E1E1E100E1E1E1004444440044444400B3B3B300D2D2D200D2D2D2 00E1E1E100E1E1E1004444440044444400B3B3B300D2D2D200D2D2D200E1E1E1 00E1E1E1004444440044444400B3B3B300D2D2D200D2D2D200E1E1E100E1E1E1 004444440044444400B3B3B300D2D2D200D2D2D200E1E1E100E1E1E100444444 0044444400B3B3B300D2D2D200D2D2D200D2D2D200E1E1E10044444400444444 00B3B3B300B3B3B300D2D2D200D2D2D200D2D2D2004444440044444400B3B3B3 00D2D2D200D2D2D200E1E1E100E1E1E1004444440044444400B3B3B300E1E1E1 00E1E1E100E9E9E900E1E1E100444444CE4444440044444400E9E9E900E9E9E9 00E9E9E900444444CE444444FF000000CE444444004444440044444400444444 CE444444FF000000 } none 64#{ /wAAAM5EREQAREREAERERABERETORERE/wAAAM5EREQAREREALOzswCzs7MAs7Oz AERERM5EREQAREREALOzswCzs7MAs7OzALOzswCzs7MAREREAERERACzs7MAs7Oz ANLS0gDh4eEA4eHhAERERABEREQAs7OzANLS0gDS0tIA4eHhAOHh4QBEREQARERE ALOzswDS0tIA0tLSAOHh4QDh4eEAREREAERERACzs7MA0tLSANLS0gDh4eEA4eHh AERERABEREQAs7OzANLS0gDS0tIA4eHhAOHh4QBEREQAREREALOzswDS0tIA0tLS ANLS0gDh4eEAREREAERERACzs7MAs7OzANLS0gDS0tIA0tLSAERERABEREQAs7Oz ANLS0gDS0tIA4eHhAOHh4QBEREQAREREALOzswDh4eEA4eHhAOnp6QDh4eEARERE zkRERABEREQA6enpAOnp6QDp6ekAREREzkRERP8AAADOREREAERERABEREQARERE zkRERP8AAAA } none 2#{ 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 } none ] issue: #1000-00-ABCXYZabcxyz money: US$2'000'000.00 email: none tags:[ <h1> </h1> <img src="example.gif" alt="example" /> <multiline tag> ;; doesn't work ] emit: none emit?: false emit-html-entities: func [data /local str f] [ str: copy "" foreach c either block? data [form reduce data] [data] [ insert tail str either f: find/skip/case at head char-entities 2 c 2 [ rejoin [#"&" pick f -1 ";"] ][ c ] ] emit str ] to-color: func [tuple /local result][ result: copy "#" repeat n 3 [insert tail result back back tail to-hex pick tuple n] result ] feed-on-value: func [ value /local lines ][ any [ if all [ preceding-word word? :value find [func function does has context object!] :value not found? find/skip words preceding-word 3 ][ repend words [preceding-word rejoin ["#line" preceding-pos] false] ; hier noch Datei preceding-word: none preceding-pos: none ] all [ preceding-word word? :value find [make] :value ] if set-word? :value [attempt [preceding-word: to-word value preceding-pos: line-number]] if lit-word? :value [attempt [preceding-word: to-word value preceding-pos: line-number]] if set-path? :value [attempt [preceding-word: to-word last value preceding-pos: line-number]] (preceding-word: preceding-pos: none) ] ] set 'test-func func [ text [string!] "Source code text" /local str new value blk-rule ][ out: make string! 3 * length? text clear words set [value text] load/next/header detab text foreach e reduce [false true] [ emit: func [data] pick [[repend out data] []] emit?: e emit {<pre>} line-number: 1 preceding-word: none preceding-pos: none previous-style: none if emit? [emit-line-number] emit-lines copy/part head text text "header" emit? parse/all text blk-rule: [ ;PARSE some [ str: some [" " | tab] new: (if emit? [emit copy/part str new]) | newline (emit-new-line) | #";" [thru newline | to end] new: (emit-style none copy/part str new) | [#"[" | #"("] (emit-lines copy/part str 1 "op" emit?) ;blk-rule | [#"]" | #")"] (emit-lines copy/part str 1 "op" emit?) | skip ( set [value new] load/next str if not emit? [feed-on-value :value index? str] emit-value :value str new ) :new ] ] ] if previous-style [emit {</span>}] emit {</span></pre>} out ] set 'color-code-css func [ /local css ][ css: make string! 10000 css: append css { #content ^{ border-right:0; ^} a,pre ^{ color:#FFFFFF; font-family:"Courier New",monospace; font-style:normal; font-size:7pt; ^} pre ^{ font-weight:normal; margin:0 0 0 -25px; padding:0 0 0 0; ^} span.line ^{ color:#555555; font-weight:bold; ^} span.line5 ^{ color:#FFFFFF; font-weight:bold; ^} } foreach [style color font-weight font-style] styles [ css: repend css [ {span.} style { ^{^/ color:} to-color color {;^/ font-style:} font-style {;^/ font-weight:} font-weight {;^/^}^/} ] ] css ] set 'site-color-code func [ file outfile level /local str code up-dir ][ either (find/last file %.r) = skip tail file -2 [ code: color-code read file ][ code: rejoin [{<pre>} read file {</pre>}] ] up-dir: copy "" loop level [append up-dir "../"] str: rejoin [ {<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-15" /> <meta name="author" content="Roland Hadinger" /> <title></title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="} up-dir {stylesheet.css" /> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="} up-dir {syntax.css" /> </head> <body> <div id="pageframe"> <div id="header"> <a href=""><img src="} up-dir {images/header.png" width="620" height="136" alt="header" /></a> </div> <div id="content"> } code { </div> <div id="footer"> <img src="} up-dir {images/footer.png" width="620" height="44" alt="footer" /> </div> </div> </body> </html> } ] if any [not exists? outfile str <> read outfile] [ write outfile str ] ] ] ;; Lists of all keywords ;; datatypes action! any-block! any-function! any-string! any-type! any-word! binary! bitset! block! char! datatype! date! decimal! email! end! error! event! file! function! get-word! hash! image! integer! issue! library! list! lit-path! lit-word! logic! money! native! none! number! object! op! pair! paren! path! port! refinement! routine! series! set-path! set-word! string! struct! symbol! tag! time! tuple! unset! url! word! ;; operators
> >= < <> <= * ** + - / // = == =? and or xor
;; actions abs absolute add and~ at back change clear complement copy copy* cp divide eighth fifth find first fourth head insert last make max maximum min minimum multiply negate next ninth or~ path pick poke power random remainder remove second select seventh sixth skip sort subtract tail tenth third to trim xor~ ;; actions? action? any-block? any-function? any-string? any-type? any-word? binary? bitset? block? char? datatype? date? decimal? email? empty? equal? error? even? event? file? function? get-word? greater-or-equal? greater? hash? head? image? index? integer? issue? length? lesser-or-equal? lesser? library? list? lit-path? lit-word? logic? money? native? negative? none? not-equal? number? object? odd? op? pair? paren? path? port? positive? refinement? routine? same? series? set-path? set-word? strict-equal? strict-not-equal? string? struct? tag? tail? time? tuple? unset? url? word? zero? ;; natives alias all any arccosine arcsine arctangent as-binary as-string bind break browse call caret-to-offset case catch checksum close comment compose compress construct cosine debase decloak decompress dehex detab dh-compute-key dh-generate-key dh-make-key difference disarm do do-browser draw dsa-generate-key dsa-make-key dsa-make-signature dsa-verify-signature either else enbase encloak entab exclude exit exp foreach form free get get-env get-modes halt hide hsv-to-rgb if in intersect launch load local-request-file log-10 log-2 log-e loop lowercase maximum-of minimum-of mold native new-line not now offset-to-caret open parse prin print protect query quit read read-io recycle reduce remove-each repeat return reverse rgb-to-hsv rsa-encrypt rsa-generate-key rsa-make-key run save secure set set-modes show sine size-text square-root stats tangent textinfo throw to-hex to-local-file to-rebol-file trace try union unique unless unprotect unset until update uppercase use wait while write write-io ;; natives? connected? crypt-strength? input? new-line? script? type? value? ;; functions ? ?? about alert alter append array as-pair ask attempt build-attach-body build-markup build-tag center-face change-dir charset choose clean-path clear-face clear-fields confine confirm context cvs-date cvs-version dbug decode-cgi decode-url deflag-face delete delete-dir desktop dirize dispatch do-boot do-events do-face do-face-alt do-thru does dump-face dump-obj dump-pane echo editor emailer extract find-key-face find-window flag-face flash focus for forall forever forskip func function get-face get-net-info get-style has help hide-popup hilight-all hilight-text import-email inform input insert-event-func install join launch-thru layout license link-relative-path list-dir load-image load-stock load-stock-block load-thru make-dir make-face mod modulo net-error notify open-events parse-email-addrs parse-header parse-header-date parse-xml path-thru probe protect-system read-cgi read-net read-thru reform rejoin remold remove-event-func rename repend replace request request-color request-date request-dir request-download request-file request-list request-pass request-text resend reset-face resize-face round save-user scroll-drag scroll-face scroll-para send set-face set-font set-net set-para set-style set-user-name show-popup source split-path stylize switch throw-on-error to-binary to-bitset to-block to-char to-datatype to-date to-decimal to-email to-error to-file to-get-word to-hash to-idate to-image to-integer to-issue to-itime to-library to-list to-lit-path to-lit-word to-logic to-money to-none to-pair to-paren to-path to-port to-refinement to-set-path to-set-word to-string to-tag to-time to-tuple to-url to-word unfocus uninstall unlight-text unview upgrade Usage vbug view what what-dir write-user ;; functions? brightness? component? dir? edge-size? exists-thru? exists? flag-face? found? in-window? info? inside? link-app? link? modified? offset? outside? overlap? screen-offset? sign? size? span? suffix? viewed? win-offset? within? ;; vid-facets [ ;VID as-is bevel bold bottom center colors doc edge effect effects feel font font-color font-name font-size frame help ibevel italic keycode left middle no-wrap of para plain rate right shadow texts top underline user-data with wrap ] ;; vid-styles [ ;VID ANIM AREA ARROW BACKDROP BACKTILE BANNER BAR BASE-TEXT blank-face BODY BOX BTN BTN-CANCEL BTN-ENTER BTN-HELP BUTTON CHECK CHECK-LINE CHECK-MARK CHOICE CODE DROP-DOWN face FIELD H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 ICON IMAGE INFO KEY LAB LABEL LBL LED LIST LOGO-BAR PANEL PROGRESS RADIO RADIO-LINE ROTARY SCROLLER SENSOR SLIDER TEXT TEXT-LIST TITLE TOG TOGGLE TT TXT VH1 VH2 VH3 VH4 VLAB VTEXT ] ;; vid-words [ ;VID across at backcolor backeffect below do guide indent origin pad return size space style styles tab tabs ] ;; parse-words [ ;PARSE any break copy end none opt set skip some thru to | ] ;; draw-words [ ;DRAW anti-alias arc arrow bevel-join bilinear box butt-cap circle clip conic curve diamond ellipse even-odd fill-pen fill-rule font gamma image image-filter invert-matrix line line-cap line-join line-pattern line-width linear matrix miter-join miter-join-revert nearest non-zero pen polygon pop push radial reset-matrix rotate round-cap round-join scale shape skew spline sqrt-xy-axis square-cap text transform translate triangle xy-axis ] ;; shape-words [ ;SHAPE arc curv curve hline line move qcurv qcurve vline ] ;; effect-words [ ;EFFECT add alphamul arrow aspect blur colorize contrast crop cross difference draw emboss extend fit flip gradcol gradient gradmul grayscale grid hsv invert key luma merge mix multiply oval reflect rotate sharpen tile tile-view tint ] ;; integers zero ;; decimals pi ;; strings crlf font-fixed font-sans-serif font-serif ;; chars backslash backspace bs cr escape lf newline newpage null slash tab ;; objects blank-face ctx-access ctx-emailer ctx-prefs ctx-text dtw-skin error-object face header-rules mail-list-rules net-utils REBOL req-dir req-file req-funcs Root-Protocol sound svv svvc svvf System user-prefs xml-language ;; logics alive? false net-watch no off on rebol-command? rebol-encap? rebol-link? rebol-pro? rebol-view? true view? yes ;; tuples aqua bar-color base-color beige black blue brick brown button-color coal coffee crimson cyan forest gold gray green ivory khaki leaf linen magenta main-color maroon mint navy oldrab olive orange over-color papaya pewter pink purple reblue rebolor red sienna silver sky snow tan teal violet water wheat white yellow -- Attached file included as plaintext by Ecartis -- -- File: rebol.vim Vim syntax file Language: Rebol Maintainer: Mike Williams <> Filenames: *.r Last Change: 27th June 2002 URL: For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded if version < 600 syntax clear elseif exists( b:current_syntax") finish endif Rebol is case insensitive syn case ignore As per current users documentation if version < 600 set isk=-,48-57,?,!,.,',+,-,*,&,\|,=,_,~ else setlocal isk=-,48-57,?,!,.,',+,-,*,&,\|,=,_,~ endif Yer TODO highlighter syn keyword rebolTodo contained TODO Comments syn match rebolComment ";.*$" contains=rebolTodo Words syn match rebolWord \a\k*" syn match rebolWordPath "[^[:space:]]/[^[:space]]"ms=s+1,me=e-1 Booleans syn keyword rebolBoolean true false on off yes no Values Integers syn match rebolInteger \<[+-]\=\d\+\('\d*\)*\>" Decimals syn match rebolDecimal [+-]\=\(\d\+\('\d*\)*\)\=[,.]\d*\(e[+-]\=\d\+\)\=" syn match rebolDecimal "[+-]\=\d\+\('\d*\)*\(e[+-]\=\d\+\)\=" Time syn match rebolTime [+-]\=\(\d\+\('\d*\)*\:\)\{1,2}\d\+\('\d*\)*\([.,]\d\+\)\=\([AP]M\)\=\>" syn match rebolTime "[+-]\=:\d\+\([.,]\d*\)\=\([AP]M\)\=\>" Dates DD-MMM-YY & YYYY format syn match rebolDate "\d\{1,2}\([/-]\)\(Jan\|Feb\|Mar\|Apr\|May\|Jun\|Jul\|Aug\|Sep\|Oct\|Nov\|Dec\)\1\(\d\{2}\)\{1,2}\>" DD-month-YY & YYYY format syn match rebolDate \d\{1,2}\([/-]\)\(January\|February\|March\|April\|May\|June\|July\|August\|September\|October\|November\|December\)\1\(\d\{2}\)\{1,2}\>" DD-MM-YY & YY format syn match rebolDate \d\{1,2}\([/-]\)\d\{1,2}\1\(\d\{2}\)\{1,2}\>" YYYY-MM-YY format syn match rebolDate \d\{4}-\d\{1,2}-\d\{1,2}\>" DD.MM.YYYY format syn match rebolDate \d\{1,2}\.\d\{1,2}\.\d\{4}\>" Money syn match rebolMoney \a*\$\d\+\('\d*\)*\([,.]\d\+\)\=" Strings syn region rebolString oneline start=+ + skip=+^"+ end=+"+ contains=rebolSpecialCharacter syn region rebolString start=+[^#]{+ end=+}+ skip=+{[^}]*}+ contains=rebolSpecialCharacter Binary syn region rebolBinary start=+\d*#{+ end=+}+ contains=rebolComment Email syn match rebolEmail "\<\k\+-\(\k\+\.\)*\k\+\>" File syn match rebolFile %\(\k\+/\)*\k\+[/]\=" contains=rebolSpecialCharacter syn region rebolFile oneline start=+%"+ end=+"+ contains=rebolSpecialCharacter URLs syn match rebolURL http://\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*\(:\d\+\)\=\(/\(\k\+/\)*\(\k\+\)\=\)*" syn match rebolURL "file://\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*/\(\k\+/\)*\k\+" syn match rebolURL "ftp://\(\k\+:\k\+-\)\=\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*\(:\d\+\)\=/\(\k\+/\)*\k\+" syn match rebolURL "mailto:\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*-\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*" Issues syn match rebolIssue #\(\d\+-\)*\d\+" Tuples syn match rebolTuple \(\d\+\.\)\{2,}" Characters syn match rebolSpecialCharacter contained \^[^[:space:][]" syn match rebolSpecialCharacter contained "%\d\+" Operators Math operators syn match rebolMathOperator "\(\*\{1,2}\|+\|-\|/\{1,2}\)" syn keyword rebolMathFunction abs absolute add arccosine arcsine arctangent cosine syn keyword rebolMathFunction divide exp log-10 log-2 log-e max maximum min syn keyword rebolMathFunction minimum multiply negate power random remainder sine syn keyword rebolMathFunction square-root subtract tangent Binary operators syn keyword rebolBinaryOperator complement and or xor ~ Logic operators syn match rebolLogicOperator "[<>=]=\=" syn match rebolLogicOperator "<>" syn keyword rebolLogicOperator not syn keyword rebolLogicFunction all any syn keyword rebolLogicFunction head? tail? syn keyword rebolLogicFunction negative? positive? zero? even? odd? syn keyword rebolLogicFunction binary? block? char? date? decimal? email? empty? syn keyword rebolLogicFunction file? found? function? integer? issue? logic? money? syn keyword rebolLogicFunction native? none? object? paren? path? port? series? syn keyword rebolLogicFunction string? time? tuple? url? word? syn keyword rebolLogicFunction exists? input? same? value? Datatypes syn keyword rebolType binary! block! char! date! decimal! email! file! syn keyword rebolType function! integer! issue! logic! money! native! syn keyword rebolType none! object! paren! path! port! string! time! syn keyword rebolType tuple! url! word! syn keyword rebolTypeFunction type? Control statements syn keyword rebolStatement break catch exit halt reduce return shield syn keyword rebolConditional if else syn keyword rebolRepeat for forall foreach forskip loop repeat while until do Series statements syn keyword rebolStatement change clear copy fifth find first format fourth free syn keyword rebolStatement func function head insert last match next parse past syn keyword rebolStatement pick remove second select skip sort tail third trim length? Context syn keyword rebolStatement alias bind use Object syn keyword rebolStatement import make make-object rebol info? I/O statements syn keyword rebolStatement delete echo form format import input load mold prin syn keyword rebolStatement print probe read save secure send write syn keyword rebolOperator size? modified? Debug statement syn keyword rebolStatement help probe trace Misc statements syn keyword rebolStatement func function free Constants syn keyword rebolConstant none Define the default highlighting. For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet if version >= 508 || !exists("did_rebol_syntax_inits") if version < 508 let did_rebol_syntax_inits = 1 command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args> else command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args> endif HiLink rebolTodo Todo HiLink rebolStatement Statement HiLink rebolLabel Label HiLink rebolConditional Conditional HiLink rebolRepeat Repeat HiLink rebolOperator Operator HiLink rebolLogicOperator rebolOperator HiLink rebolLogicFunction rebolLogicOperator HiLink rebolMathOperator rebolOperator HiLink rebolMathFunction rebolMathOperator HiLink rebolBinaryOperator rebolOperator HiLink rebolBinaryFunction rebolBinaryOperator HiLink rebolType Type HiLink rebolTypeFunction rebolOperator HiLink rebolWord Identifier HiLink rebolWordPath rebolWord HiLink rebolFunction Function HiLink rebolCharacter Character HiLink rebolSpecialCharacter SpecialChar HiLink rebolString String HiLink rebolNumber Number HiLink rebolInteger rebolNumber HiLink rebolDecimal rebolNumber HiLink rebolTime rebolNumber HiLink rebolDate rebolNumber HiLink rebolMoney rebolNumber HiLink rebolBinary rebolNumber HiLink rebolEmail rebolString HiLink rebolFile rebolString HiLink rebolURL rebolString HiLink rebolIssue rebolNumber HiLink rebolTuple rebolNumber HiLink rebolFloat Float HiLink rebolBoolean Boolean HiLink rebolConstant Constant HiLink rebolComment Comment HiLink rebolError Error delcommand HiLink endif if exists("my_rebol_file") if file_readable(expand(my_rebol_file)) execute "source " . my_rebol_file endif endif let b:current_syntax = "rebol" vim: ts=8

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