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 [1/5] from: mccarter:uniserve at: 7-Mar-2001 14:44

I've been busting my head for a while now against parse. I've been able to get simple rules to work famously and am able to get a lot of good results,,, but . Could someone please tell me where I'm going wrong here. If I run the following script the first parse is happy the second is not.. I have not been able to figure out what the proper way to do this is and I have spent too long at this. Thanks Bill. Using REBOL v REBOL [ Title: "Test" Author: "Gyrus" Date: 3/02/2001 Version: 0.1 File: %test.r ] str: { 28/11/00 27.13 28.00 26.81 27.81 +0.93 2668900 27/11/00 26.31 27.63 26.25 26.88 +0.75 4346600 24/11/00 26.56 27.13 25.88 26.13 unch 810500 22/11/00 26.25 26.44 25.88 26.13 -0.12 1757300 } digits: charset "0123456789" area-code: ["(" 3 digits ")"] phone-num: [3 digits "-" 4 digits] print parse str [ [area-code | none] phone-num] print parse str [ copy text to [area-code | none] phone-num] wait 10

 [2/5] from: brett::codeconscious::com at: 8-Mar-2001 11:28

Hi Bill, I'm sorry, I can't work out what you are trying to achive here. The rules area-code and phone-num cannot be satisfied by the data you have presented in str - or is that the point? Can you provide a bit more information on what exactly you are trying to do. However taking a stab at something that might help... The data you have in str appears like it might be PABX records - if the records are identical in structure it might be easier to tream them a line at a time. For example you could read them in with block-of-lines: read/lines %pabx-data.dat Then you get a block of lines. Equivalently using your existing data block-of-lines: parse/all str "^/" Playing with each line individually
>> parse second block-of-lines none
== ["28/11/00" "27.13" "28.00" "26.81" "27.81" "+0.93" "2668900"] Maybe you know that phone-number will always be the 7th field in the record, so...
>> pick (parse second block-of-lines none) 7
== "2668900" Cheers, Brett.

 [3/5] from: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 7-Mar-2001 17:15

If you are wandering why...
>> parse str [ copy text to "485-7993"]
works fine, yet...
>> parse str [ copy text to [area-code | none] phone-num]
** Script Error: Invalid argument: area-code | none. ** Where: parse str [copy text to [area-code | none] phone-num] bombs, this is because the words 'to, 'thru, and 'skip dont seem to work with blocks. 'Any and 'some will operate with blocks. Myself still being quite awkward at 'parse, I am still perplexed as to how solve your particular problem. --Ryan bill wrote:
> I've been busting my head for a while now against parse. > I've been able to get simple rules to work famously and am able
<<quoted lines omitted: 29>>
> [rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the > subject, without the quotes.
-- Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400 I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. -Einstein

 [4/5] from: sterling:rebol at: 7-Mar-2001 17:16

Librarian comment

The planned enhancement has not yet been made (Core 2.5.6)
The problem you are having with the second case is that the TO keyword of parse cannot currently be used with a block of optional items to parse to the first one that it reaches. This is an enhancement that is planned for parse already. Sterling

 [5/5] from: mccarter:uniserve at: 7-Mar-2001 17:54

Thank You all The docs are so sketchy on parse . I was hoping for more functionality than is presently available. I will use the pick and skip route for my string I guess. Thanks again. Bill. [sterling--rebol--com] wrote:

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