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pair-edit style

 [1/5] from: anton::lexicon::net at: 20-Jun-2002 14:23

I have made available a pair-edit style, which you can see here: or goto: Desktop/ Regards, Anton.

 [2/5] from: brett:codeconscious at: 20-Jun-2002 15:41

That's bizarre Anton :^) I wondered what you had done, until I discovered click and drag in the field. Brett.

 [3/5] from: carl:cybercraft at: 20-Jun-2002 19:22

On 20-Jun-02, Brett Handley wrote:
> That's bizarre Anton :^)
Yes... (:
> I wondered what you had done, until I discovered click and drag in > the field.
Yeah, and I was scratching my head there for a while wondering why the field had developed a life of its own. (;
> ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Anton"
<<quoted lines omitted: 6>>
>> >> Desktop/
I've been wondering about a better way to go to pages on the Desktop, as often people supply two methods like Anton has above, but the Desktop "URL" isn't usable. It should be as easy as doing an URL from the console. Perhaps something like this... desktop %public/sites/someones-rebsite/ to load the desktop and go directly to "someones-rebsite"? Others can no doubt think of a better format, but this is just to start a discussion. Or does IOS already have some method for doing this that will be in future versions of View? -- Carl Read

 [4/5] from: anton:lexicon at: 20-Jun-2002 17:51

Oh yes, I should add some notes about click and drag, and double-click to enter keyboard edit-mode. Anton.

 [5/5] from: jason:cunliffe:verizon at: 20-Jun-2002 7:11

Anton Thanks this is great! Lots of scope for using in wysiwyg layout design and more. Could be the basis for a cool /View template editor. A suggestion: << Enable single param editing >> a. Detect which part of the pair has been clicked in, then mouse only modifies that one. .. clicking on the 'x' would allow X and Y params as you have now .. clicking at beginning changes only X param .. clicking at the end changes only Y param b. Detect initial movement axis and then apply that. ..user starts to move left/right, so only change X param ..user starts to move up/down, so only change Y param c. Add a modifier key like SHIFT or CTRL so that only X or Y mouse movement will apply .. similar to above but the default is both as you have now .. holding modifier key enables initial-axis' detection. BTW, do you know Miller Puckette's 'PD' aka 'Pure-Data' ? Besides being incredible musical/graphical joy, it has lots of good ideas for very minimal widgets which combine script/data entry with direct mouse-driven user interface. PD is based on patch bay metaphor using simple text-files to describing the components and topology. It is used to create virtual instruments and has growing library of sophisticated objects. some are as smile as changing a value, others are full-blown apps in their own right such as a sequencer. Author Page Resources Docs Community Page GEM Graphics/Multimedia module GEM manual enjoy! ./Jason

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