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Can someone remember this small TANK GAME tutorial based on DRAW

 [1/6] from: gerardcote::sympatico::ca at: 29-Aug-2005 0:51

Hi all, Thinking I would find the TANK GAME tutorial based on DRAW in the old REB-ZINE articles, I went at REBOLFORCES web site but I found nothing. So my question is can someone remember this small app and where I could get my hands at. I thought Cyphre was the author but only found he wrote 2 other draw tutorials that will be useful too but I have to begin with the TANK GAME first. Every help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Gerard

 [2/6] from: pwawood::mango::net::my at: 29-Aug-2005 20:21

Hi Gerard A quick search of the Mailing List Archive at suggests Cyphre's message is at I hope this is the tutorial you want. Regards Peter

 [3/6] from: gerardcote:sympatico:ca at: 29-Aug-2005 22:26

Hi Peter, Thank you very much, since it is really the good tutorial I wanted. In fact it wears the same name than the one that appears in the REBOL ZINE # 6 but the server isn't the same. It is a continuation of the one I got in the article, one that applies the same animation algorithm to this tiny TANK game. It is no more functioning under REBOL/View 1.3.1 but I will analyze it under REBOL/View 1.2.1. Later when my knowledge will be sufficient I'll try to debug it under 1.3.1 but for now I am glad it works. Regards, Gerard

 [4/6] from: antonr::lexicon::net at: 30-Aug-2005 15:07

Hi Gerard, It needs two fixes to work on View 1.3.1: Notes: { Original: Working properly on View 1.2.1 CPU tanks disappear at 1.2.8 <- various clipping and pen color bugs can be seen in these intermediate versions View 1.2.57: Getting continuous stream of ** Script Error: Invalid argument: - ** Where: wake-event ** Near: show f View 1.2.100 is same as 1.2.48 View 1.2.104 gets the Invalid argument again, which seems to be forever after Fixed by Anton to work with View 1.3: - BOOGIE-CAR and TOWER both use rebol addition and subtraction to calculate colours directly in the DRAW block. That is no longer allowed, so now using COMPOSE to evaluate the final colours once at the beginning. - ARRAY/INITIAL changed its functionality so that block values are inserted as blocks (like INSERT/ONLY). See The difference is reflected between View beta versions 1.2.5 and 1.2.8 This caused the cpu tanks to disappear. Fixed by using LOOP to replace ARRAY. } boogie-car: compose [ fill-pen brown polygon 150x50 150x150 130x150 130x50 polygon 70x50 70x150 50x150 50x50 fill-pen (leaf - 40) polygon 132x60 132x140 68x140 68x60 ] tower: compose [ fill-pen (leaf + 30) polygon 75x150 75x100 85x70 115x70 125x100 125x150 fill-pen (leaf + 50) pen (leaf - 80) circle 95x125 10 fill-pen (leaf + 70) polygon 105x72 95x72 95x10 105x10 fill-pen leaf polygon 108x18 92x18 92x0 108x0 ] ;pane: reduce join [game/my-tank ] array/initial 5 [game/cpu-tank] pane: reduce [game/my-tank] loop 5 [append pane game/cpu-tank] Regards, Anton.

 [5/6] from: gerardcote::sympatico::ca at: 30-Aug-2005 16:18

Hi Anton, Seems like my script version is not a good one since even with rebol 1.2.1 I see a single TANK which I can control and nothing else. Now even after correcting the script with the 2 compose and the loop instead of the Array/initial the screen freezes and I only get this error message:
>> do %draw-tutor-2-revised.r
** Script Error: Invalid argument: - ** Where: wake-event ** Near: show f
Can you send me your version of the draw-tutor-2.r or tell me where I can get the last one so I can compare them and fix the diffs. Thanks, Gerard

 [6/6] from: cyphre::seznam::cz at: 30-Aug-2005 23:11

Hi Gerard and all, Sorry for not responding so long. Here you can download some latest version of the demos with tanks I did: original version do optimized version (with buffering) do P2P version do All those scripts are very old and simple. They could be done easier and with faster performance using the new Rebol/View with AGG scalable graphic and transformations. Maybe one day I write some new article and demo ;-) Reagrds, Cyphre ----- Original Message ----- From: "Gerard Cote" <[gerardcote--sympatico--ca]> To: <[rebolist--rebol--com]> Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 10:18 PM Subject: [REBOL] Re: Can someone remember this small TANK GAME tutorial based on DRAW