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evaluating for mail client

 [1/7] from: boris:garbuzov:marketingtips at: 29-Apr-2002 9:09

Thanks, Michael. I am just starting to look into Flash. As I understand, Flash MX requires another plugin, and it downloads bigger, but still free player. Also, it is not automatically included with standard browsers. I am still evaluation Rebol. My question is, "Why is it any better then Perl?" I am sure mail list members may explain.

 [2/7] from: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 29-Apr-2002 16:16

Short answer: Once you get to know it, its alot easier to use than PERL. Better datatypes, more versatility. If it counts for much, I have used PERL about just as much as I have used REBOL. I actually didn't like REBOL initially, it took awhile before I was able to appreciate it. It is hard to understand how powerful it can be until you really use it like it was meant to be used. Even shorter answer: Because of the numerous datatypes and self reflection, its like having brand new dimensions to use in programming. Boris Garbuzov wrote:

 [3/7] from: boris:garbuzov:marketingtips at: 29-Apr-2002 17:07

Thanks, Ryan. I presented this Rebol solution to the management today. But the opposition was mainly that is not a popular solution, so we may run into unexpected technical and business license traps. For instance - what serious projects had used Rebol? - what is the way of delivery to client - myapp.r and view.exe files? Can we re-desctribute the components? What should we buy then? Or we can compile and link it first and then distribute the single executable, but then we probably need to buy the source? Waht other components we may need? What is IOS for? - what unit and GUI test tools are available? Debuggers? - for the serious project our 2-week familiarity may not be enough, but there are no Rebol experts around.

 [4/7] from: ammon:rcslv at: 29-Apr-2002 19:48

Hi Boris, I have been watching this thread with interest. I will give you my best description of IOS: IOS is distributed computing at its best. That is to say that it allows people to use the same files, yet work at totally different computers. This allows for say some to live in Australia, & someone from California hire them to work for them because they can work on the same project through IOS. ;-) IOS costs an initial $2000 for ten clients & $99 per additional client so for just a mail app it would never justify it. It is aimed more at a corporate environment. You also spoke of possible compiling the client as a download. This has been done by some few, and is possible through a product entitled 'Royalty'. The way it works is you pay REBOL Technologies a 10% royalty for any sales that you make. Now you might say that 10% of 0 is 0, but you must put $500 upfront on the Royalty amount. Royalty is a subscription based service, $500 dollars a year, but that same $500 is applied to the amount that you owe them through sales so basically it allows you to sell $5000 worth of REBOL software before you have to give them anymore money. Other than that, you can districute the mail client as view.exe & mailapp.r for free as long as you don't intend to use any of the REBOL/View/Pro features, & as long as you include the license agreement with your download. HTH! Ammon A short time ago, Boris Garbuzov, sent an email stating:

 [5/7] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 29-Apr-2002 20:03

Hi Boris, I think it would be a good idea to send your message to [feedback--rebol--com]. They need to hear what problems people run into when they present REBOL as a solution. Some of us on the list give them lots of feedback already :) so it's good for them to hear from newcomers to REBOL as well. --Gregg

 [6/7] from: boris::garbuzov::marketingtips::com at: 30-Apr-2002 9:11

Thanks, Ammon. I am trying to summarize it. I can develop my mail.r using view.exe and distribute these files paying perfectly nothing to Rebol. But as I need more features, the price may become considerably. Also, I may never need IOS. Is that for client or server use? Of course my mail clients would never accept to install some singular operating system.

 [7/7] from: ammon:rcslv at: 30-Apr-2002 14:30

IOS means Internet Operating System. It is designed as a server/client based network, I see no need for it with what you are trying to do, but if you also wanted to provide Instant Messaging, File Sharing, & Group activities then IOS would be a prime candidate! ;-) As long as you stick with the free features of View (which shouldn't be hard to do for a mail client) & provide the license agreement with the download that you provide (I believe that it is actually included in view.exe itself) then you should be alright distributing mail.r with view.exe without paying REBOL Technologies any money. ;-) HTH! Ammon A short time ago, Boris Garbuzov, sent an email stating: