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ANN: CitrusWeb v02e

 [1/8] from: luke::marmaladefoo::com at: 18-Mar-2004 9:50

Dear List CitrusWeb v02e (BETA) is released for your enjoyment. It is a gift to the Internet to say thanks for everything I have learnt from everyone. Especially this list. ============ What is it? CitrusWeb is an experimental web application framework for developing web sites and web applications. It aims to be highly usable, even for novice users. It is written in REBOL and is inspired by a number of other web based applications, in particular Zope ( and Vanilla (, and the Internet architectural style of REST. The most important aspect of CitrusWeb is that all day-to- day content editing and configuration is controlled via a web (browser) interface. It aims for very high end-use usability and allows the creation of "self-editing" web sites, somewhat like the concept of Wiki or a web log, but has the following extra features, not normally found in wiki or weblog software: - Structured nested content using "folders" - Simple familiar user interface (file explorer style) - Different "static" rendering engines (different wiki styles) - User editable "dynamic" content (i.e. "embedded" REBOL cgi-bin scripts) ============ Other features: - User registration and log in - Simple installation process - Administration module for assigning permissions to users (i.e. restrict to certain parts of the tree or certain object types only) - User editable REBOL scripts run in a administrator-configurable "sandbox" - Simple internet style url mapping to content (e.g. http://yourserver/cgi-bin/viewer/folder1/page2) - Javascript clickable tree, but also non-javascript tree generated (i.e. works in all browsers) - Globally configurable styles and colours - Cross platform deployment (thanks to REBOL) ============ Credits: To the Vanilla team, Chris Langreiter, Andreas Bolka and friends for some of the underlying rendering concepts and some aspects of the session/user managment module. If you havent tried Vanilla yet, you should give it a go. Also to Carl Sassenrath for providing the MakeDoc rendering engine which has been incorporated. And for REBOL of course! ============ See it in action: My own website is of course the first to be running CitrusWeb: There is also a sample application which I have opened for a limited period (with full editing access) to anyone on this list. This illustrates an "out-of-the-box" installation: Contact me directly for a username and password if you would like to have a play. This will allow you to log on and have a play in a sandbox (i.e. view and edit pages on the live site). ============ Download and Installation: CitrusWeb v02e currently runs on Apache, and requires REBOL/Core only. Further information on download and installation can be found at: ============ The Future CitrusWeb is currently a beta, but any feedback and code contributions are most welcome! Best Wishes - Luke Orlando Emmet __________________________________________ Various gadgets widgets, links and chat

 [2/8] from: rlist:techscribe at: 18-Mar-2004 8:26

Hi Luke. Thanks. This looks very good! I'm looking forward to start using it! Elan Luke wrote:

 [3/8] from: chris:langreiter at: 18-Mar-2004 17:56

> CitrusWeb v02e (BETA) is released for your enjoyment.
Luke, this looks very cool! I think for lots of sites hierarchical structure + a nice tree widget is just the right thing. -- Chris

 [4/8] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 18-Mar-2004 11:42

Hi Luke, L> CitrusWeb v02e (BETA) is released for your enjoyment. Thanks for posting that! Looks very cool. -- Gregg

 [5/8] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 18-Mar-2004 13:51

just a quick question... is there a version or a (special mode) of your toolkit which does not use javascript at all !? -MAx

 [6/8] from: gchiu:compkarori at: 20-Mar-2004 21:44

Luke wrote.. apparently on 18-Mar-2004/9:50:57
> > >===========The Future > >CitrusWeb is currently a beta, but any feedback and code >contributions are most welcome!
Hi Luke, Where does feedback go? To you directly or via a wiki on your website? I've posted this problem I would also like to see automatic date stamping and author as in vanilla. Also, does citrusweb accept \ for escaping characters as in vanilla? -- Graham Chiu

 [7/8] from: luke:marmaladefoo at: 21-Mar-2004 9:39

Hi Graham I saw the comment in the wiki - but I wasnt sure who to send the email to. If you want a quicker response, probably best to send email. If you want to change them to ".cgi" or ".r" you will need to change the corresponding definitions in libs/utilities.r as follows (for example): ;--general path declarations viewer-script-url: join script-root "viewer.cgi" javascript-renderer-url: join script-root "javascript- renderer" static-content-root: join script-root "static- viewer.cgi/static-content/" javascript-static-root: join static-content-root "dhtml- treeview/" Given some hosts dont like cgi-scripts without .cgi extension, probably this should be a user-option. you might also need to check "script-root" is correctly defined. But I've just checked the link to your pages again and it seems you have found out the above anyway - and it seems to be working OK now!. Yes I agree it would be better defined in config.txt Good idea about timestamping each page with the last username and last edited date. Will try to implement for the next release. And escaping characters with "\". Thanks - Luke On 21 Mar 2004, at 8:00, Graham Chiu wrote: Date sent: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 08:00:22 +1300 From: Graham Chiu <[gchiu--compkarori--co--nz]> Subject: [REBOL] ANN: CitrusWeb v02e To: [rebol-list--rebol--com] Send reply to: [rebol-list--rebol--com]
> Luke wrote.. apparently on 18-Mar-2004/9:50:57 > >
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> To unsubscribe from this list, just send an email to > [rebol-request--rebol--com] with unsubscribe as the subject.
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 [8/8] from: gchiu:compkarori at: 22-Mar-2004 8:14

Luke Orlando Emmet wrote.. apparently on 21-Mar-2004/9:39:26
>Hi Graham > >I saw the comment in the wiki - but I wasnt sure who to >send the email to. If you want a quicker response, >probably best to send email.
That's okay. Gave me time to sort it out myself. But I do prefer Wiki's for support as it means that the answer is visible to all.
>Good idea about timestamping each page with the last >username and last edited date. Will try to implement for >the next release. And escaping characters with "\".
From memory, you can use a dhtml function in Zope to place a last edited date on a page, and vanilla does this as part of the page template. I guess an option is the better way to go. -- Graham Chiu

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