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 [1/8] from: ammon::rcslv::com at: 13-May-2002 17:22

Hi, Ok, who's responsible for the little game 'Wanderer'? I just played, but upon discovering the "trail up the cliff" It bombed out on me. The details of the error follow: ** Script Error: parse expected input argument of type: series ** Where: load-map ** Near: parse map-spec [ some [ 'name copy dat string! (name: dat/1) | 'intro copy dat string! (intro: dat/1) | 'key copy dat tuple! (key: dat/1) | 'begin copy dat tuple! ( avatar/x: dat/1/1 avatar/y: dat/1/2 avatar/z: dat/1/3 + 0.5 ) | 'levels copy dat some [file! | url!] ( see/map-key: key foreach d dat [append see/map-images within d] ) | 'link copy dat some [file! | url! | tuple!] ( link-spec: compose [ cast: does [if 20 = random 20 [random 0.0.255]] key: (key) name: "A Link" description: "A Link to somewhere." hard: no ] foreach d dat [ append link-spec compose any [ if tuple? d [ [fixture-x: (d/1) fixture-y: (d/2) fixture-z: (d/3)] ] if string? d [[description: (d)]] if file? d [[link: (within d)]] if url? d [[link: (within d)]] ] ] append fixtures make fixture link-spec ) ] ] info: view/new Enjoy!! Ammon

 [2/8] from: carl:cybercraft at: 14-May-2002 11:49

On 14-May-02, Ammon Johnson wrote:
> Hi, > Ok, who's responsible for the little game 'Wanderer'?
And where's it to be found, Ammon? -- Carl Read

 [3/8] from: ammon:rcslv at: 12-May-2002 7:50

If I knew then i wouldn't be asking who did it. ;-) I just picked it up off of the list some time ago. It is someones first attempt at a RayTracer. They forgot to leave their name and email addy in the REBOL header or I would have contacted them directly. ;-) Enjoy!! Ammon A short time ago, Carl Read, sent an email stating:

 [4/8] from: amicom:sonic at: 13-May-2002 19:47

I could be wrong, but I think it was my good friend, Ryan Cole, who wrote that game. -Bo

 [5/8] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 13-May-2002 21:52

Hi Ammon, I think it was Ryan. I have river.r under, but I don't remember which reb site is his. --Gregg

 [6/8] from: alanwall:sonic at: 13-May-2002 21:45

Hello amicom On 13-May-02, amicom wrote:
> I could be wrong, but I think it was my good friend, Ryan Cole, who wrote > that game. > > -Bo >
Confirm! Regards -- Let him that would move the world first move himself. -- Socrates sent via Yam ver2.31 on AmigaForever verV Be a Rebel get Rebol@ UIN#=9391028

 [7/8] from: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 14-May-2002 9:59

Ammon, This probably occurred due to an unhandled network error. Lots of those around here today. --Ryan Ammon Johnson wrote:

 [8/8] from: ammon:rcslv at: 13-May-2002 4:49

I also thought that you were the culprit involved here. ;-) But I couldn't find any supporting evidence. Do you have a deeper explanation of what I experienced? Is it simply because the file it wanted wasn't downloaded when it wanted it, or what is the deal? BTW I have advanced your ray caster any? Thanks!! Ammon A short time ago, Ryan Cole, sent an email stating: