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FTPGadget M208 0.9.5 comments

 [1/2] from: jason::cunliffe::verizon::net at: 18-Feb-2002 14:02

Hi Following your post this morning to rebol mail list, I just downloaded FTPGadget M208 0.9.5 [Win98se] I am delighted you are doing this work. We were needing this myself for some projects :-) I sincerely wish you good luck.. I am posting this to REBOL list ebcuae I think it deserves community feedback. If people disagree, please say so ;-) Constructive Feedback: 1. [first impressions/confusions] After one enters a new FTP site and clicks 'connect' user is switched to main screen, but still has to slect the newly added site name from the right hand popup list. Instead it shoudl directly do this, since user has already clicked on a 'connect' button. 2. [arggh!!!] The main file display sucks :-((( This is basically RT fault, and a generic REBOL/View problem, because they have not yet delivered a viable file requestor. Perhasp IOS has fixed this. I hope so becuase if not it is doomed. Right now in /View everyone is obliged to develop their own to bring REBOL/View file requestors up to modern standards. So what's missing? - NO RESIZE problem: cannot resize either the whole digget or panes within it.. - TRUNCATED FILE NAMES file names are *hoplessly* truncated. For anyone connecting to a *nix web server this is essential - pathas and file name are long and peopel need to see what is going on to do anyhting useful. Otherwise forget it! same is true for local file system. I hope the whole REBOL community bashes on RT about these issues - STATUS MESSAGE With truncated names and no resize, at least the message status text area at bottom of FTPGadtget screen should display full as user moves mouse around. 3. [nitpicking] "LOADING" is geekspeak => "connect" is what your button says in FTP site page. "CONNECTING" is better than "LOADING" 4. When you mouseover [PARENT] the status prompt says "click on [Parent] to go up" wrong => user needs to *double-click* 5. [connection feedback issues] Once an FTP connection is made, somewhere you should display the username. I suggest in red type, right next to the green 'connected' status above remote file list. For example: I entered a site name "TREES" connecting to my server domain 'TREES' show in the popup list, but as soons as I am connected, TREES now becomes '' in the top conencted bar. This is quite confusing. I deliberately set TREES as my site name because there are lots of projects on and I want to maintain a handy distinction between them. I suggest you keep the user's named site as selected [such as 'TREES'], but once connected also display the full url and path below on a dedicated text line. ++++++++ WISHLIST: ** SSH2 secure file transfer hth ./Jason ______________________________________________ Jason Cunliffe [NOMADICS: Director art+design] tel/fax: +1 718 422-1078 [jasonic--nomadics--org] N 43:00.000' W 074:31.875' ALT:1144 ft 84 Henry Street #3C Brooklyn NY 11201 USA

 [2/2] from: reichart:prolific at: 18-Feb-2002 23:34

Thank you Jason and Brett for your feedback. I REALLY appreciate this feedback, and in the case of Jason, I do understand why you wanted to post this here for RT as well. Let's agree up front though that any FTPGadget specific issues will be dealt with directly to I will work on getting one of those HTML based message board systems ASAP. I will address your RT related items here, and your FTPGadget items privately. 1. Q: 2. [arggh!!!] The main file display sucks :-(((. This is basically RT fault, and a generic REBOL/View problem... A: This is an INTERESTING issue. We (Prolific) plan to build this over time into a KICK ASS file rquester. Fully graphical, and able to do just about everything. Is this RT's responcibility? Possibly. Interestingly the first paper I ever submitted to Rebol/View's Doc was a Rebolquester. This is one of the two things I want. The other is an ever present spell checker (even in single line reguesters, like SUBJECT lines). RT Needs one, but the people in this group should be the ones that make it. It would prove how viable Rebol is. There is a simple but useful one that Carl wrote, use it as a base. And of note, we plan to build ours so that it can used seperatly, and from any application. Pretty much all your other comments will be added to the Do list, and then done :) Reichart... [Reichart--Prolific--com]