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 [1/2] from: gerardcote::sympatico::ca at: 1-Jun-2005 15:27

Hello list, I need some help here since I can't work the copy/part correctly with words instead of numbers. The problem I'm working on: ----------------------------- While working on a mimicked rebol version of the awk or C "printf" instruction somewhere I have to convert binary numbers in octal, decimal and hexadecimal. During this process I have to assemble binary digits into chunks of 3 or 4. This is what the following code does - here for chunks of 3 since the code part for the hexa is done separately for now. The code also pads to the left with0 when Value length is not a multiple of 3. Example: Value: "12345678" -> first padded to "012345678" and sliced to 678 345 012 Eventually the numbers will be 0 and 1 but for testing it is easier to use decimal numbers to keep positions aligned. So the code below works well for a binary to octal assembly - at least for some samples. The difficulty I have is the following : the copy/part doesn't accept the fact that if replace the last parameter (number 3) by its equivalent valued word "grouping" which is defined as number 3 (defined as grouping: 3). I've tried to compose the complete line and do it after but this never worked for the entire script. However this worked well on smaller oneliner examples. I don't know why and can't explain this kind of anomaly (from my beginnners eyes at least). Can someone help ? Thanks in advance value: "12345678" val-length: length? value grouping: log-2 dest-base ; Since source-base is 2 (defined elsewhere) reste: val-length // grouping ; Length of padding based on this value if reste <> 0 [ insert/dup value "0" (grouping - reste) ; Left padding done here head value ] c: length? value while [c >= grouping] [ slice: copy "" slice: copy/part at value (c - grouping + 1) 3 ; <- This 3 is to be replaced with the word print ["slice: " slice] ; "grouping" ; remove/part at value c - 3 3 c: c - grouping ]

 [2/2] from: cyphre::seznam::cz at: 1-Jun-2005 20:22

Re: (No Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 21:47:50 +0200

Hello Grerard, I'm not sure if I understood your problem but from my quick console session:
>> grouping: log-2 8
== 3.0
>> type? grouping
== decimal!
>> a: "123456789" copy/part a grouping
** Script Error: Invalid /part count: 3.0 ** Near: copy/part a grouping
>> a: "123456789" copy/part a to-integer grouping
== "123"
So basically copy doesn't like decimal numbers as a range argument(which is logical to me in this case) regards, Cyphre