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HTML/Javascript vs REBOL plugin (was Re: CitrusWeb sample - so you want to edit?)

 [1/6] from: luke::marmaladefoo::com at: 20-Mar-2004 10:34

If anyone would like to integrate the REBOL plugin into CitrusWeb or write a REBOL/View front end, they are very welcome. I'd love to see that. My personal view of where REBOL generates the best value is mainly at the back end/server side, and then use HTML and javascript as a client side technology. HTML is going to be viewable by anyone on any platform for a very long time. For me, its the clear choice if you want to have painless technology adoption. Javascript/DHTML is rich enough for most user interface aspects, and the web is all about links which is what HTML is all about. How would a rebsite (or a flashsite etc) get searched by Google?? The aim for CitrusWeb - as a web application framework - is to use graceful degradation for all its main navigation features (so if you turn off javascript you get a plain HTML rendition instead). As everyone knows :-) graceful degradation is (1) just best web design practice (2) totally necessary from an accessibility point of view (3) and it means webbots like google etc can crawl your website and ensure you get the best exposure You cant so easily do the same when a client side technology is being used (Flash, Java, REBOL plugin for IE). Best Wishes - Luke On 20 Mar 2004, at 9:38, Carl Read wrote:
> > To use the new Rebol browser plug in to replace the > > javascript navigation tool you have...
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 [2/6] from: carl:cybercraft at: 21-Mar-2004 0:47

On 20-Mar-04, Luke Orlando Emmet wrote:
> How would a > rebsite (or a flashsite etc) get searched by Google??
From a technical POV, a rebsite wouldn't be difficult for Google to search - it just needs to look at the script's header. I doubt they'll bother till there's millions of scripts about though. Out of curiousity, I've just been using Google to try and find REBOL scripts and a search for "rebol .r" (without the speechmarks) ranked my solar-sim reblet at 5. Like it's had about 50 hits and been online for all of two weeks and it's at number 5 in a search for rebol .r ?!? It's also the first link shown with a .r extension. So, what's different about my reblet? Well, because of the way my host handles REBOL scripts, (they have to have a .r extension), I couldn't have the reblet's page point to a script with a .r extension as it'd generate an error. So I gave the script a .reblet extension and the reblet's page a .r instead of .html. (Yes, it's a REBOL script too, hence its counter.) Moral of the story? HTML with a .r extension can get listed high by Google, whereas scripts with a .r extension don't seem to. I'm now toying with the idea of changing the .reblet extension on the script to .html to see what happens. ;-) -- Carl Read

 [3/6] from: bry:itnisk at: 21-Mar-2004 0:08

Re: HTML/Javascript vs REBOL plugin (was Re: CitrusWeb sample - so you

maybe you need to do this search: 8&oe=UTF-8&q=filetype%3Ar+rebol

 [4/6] from: carl:cybercraft at: 21-Mar-2004 8:23

On 21-Mar-04, [bry--itnisk--com] wrote:
> maybe you need to do this search: > > 8&oe=UTF-8&q=filetype%3Ar+rebol
The idea is to find a way for scripts to show up with standard searches, as well as to have the text in them searchable by Google. So if you have comments in your REBOL header, searching for those comments will find the script. -- Carl Read

 [5/6] from: bry::itnisk::com at: 21-Mar-2004 11:25

actually all it would need is if one could do searches against MIME type. don't think google offers that yet, but there may be other search engines that do.

 [6/6] from: hallvard:ystad:oops-as:no at: 21-Mar-2004 20:29

Dixit [bry--itnisk--com] (11.25 21.03.2004):
>actually all it would need is if one could >do searches against MIME type. don't think >google offers that yet, but there may be >other search engines that do.
I had a mime type setting on the rix search, but omitted it when I put in the different options for searches in REBOL headers. If there's an interest for it, I'll put it back in. Rebol scripts don't always come with the same mime type (from different servers?). I have seen text/plain, application/octet-stream and text/x-rebol, just to mention a few. So I would have to do some hacks, but it shouldn't be difficult, though. HY

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