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crash: root block overflow

 [1/6] from: antonr:iinet:au at: 11-Nov-2003 13:32

Has anyone had this crash before? and what does it mean? Crash! Root block overflow The most recent dodgy thing I did was put a wait inside an action block. I'm only waiting 1 second or so, though. That's probably it actually. I'll try make it using time events. Anton.

 [2/6] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 10-Nov-2003 21:26

Hi Anton, AR> Has anyone had this crash before? AR> Crash! Root block overflow Not me. -- Gregg

 [3/6] from: antonr:iinet:au at: 12-Nov-2003 0:48

It wasn't due to using wait (after an hour of reorganising code later..) I implemented time events to divide the work and the problem still occurs. (Actually, that triggers a memory about too many events stacking up causing a crash...?) My next theory is that it is something to do with trying to read a file that another process is writing to, because that's exactly what my process does, polls a log file written to by another installer to see when a response code is written. I hear a bell tinkling from a recent thread, but we'll just see... Anton.

 [4/6] from: maximo:meteorstudios at: 11-Nov-2003 10:52

Anton, disable the garbage collection and you might get another error message which is sometimes more descriptive of the real problem... really, I've tried this a few times and I was suprised by the suddenly meaningfull error I got. I guess it depends on the error itself. -MAx --- You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution, but in the end, being part of the problem is much more fun.

 [5/6] from: antonr::iinet::net::au at: 12-Nov-2003 12:38

Re: crash: root block overflow - set-browser-path, browse

Ok, it happens when I use set-browser-path and browse to call a file. Of course. Here's some example code: exec: func [string][set-browser-path probe string browse ""] exec form to-local-file rebol/options/boot ; keep doing this line until... ; ** CRASH (Should not happen) - Root block overflow [OK] exec: func [cmd args][set-browser-path probe cmd browse probe args] exec form to-local-file rebol/options/boot "" ; keep doing this line until... ; ** CRASH (Should not happen) - Root block overflow [OK] I don't think I am the first to discover this though. But wait! When I do each command separately (not in a function) then it works really well: set-browser-path form to-local-file rebol/options/boot browse "" ; keep doing this line... ; no problem, in fact I can complete this: repeat n 1000 [browse "-c"] ; takes a while though :) 100 is quicker. (This is on View beta Anton.

 [6/6] from: antonr:iinet:au at: 12-Nov-2003 21:16

Re: crash: root block overflow

Thanks, I will try. Anton.