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parser for rebel player

 [1/4] from: inetw3:mindspring at: 9-Jul-2002 22:22

Hello Reboler's I completed a GUI parser for a java rebelet player (the java+activeX rebelet players' made allready) and i would like to know if anyone could tell me how to format what i print out one tag or key = value per line to a string or block to save as a file. example: print {<REBEL_EMBEDLET VERSION=0.1> <PROPERTIES>} PRINT rejoin["SIZE=" getsize1 {,} getsize2] print {BACKCOLOR=142,128,110 NOICONS=TRUE </PROPERTIES>} etc. Calling print works but i want to save to a file. I need: <REBELEMBEDLET VERSION=1.1> SIZE=200x100 BACKCOLOR=142,128,110 NOICONS=TRUE </PROPERTIES> etc. but: append myblock {<REBELEMBEDLET VERSION=1.1> <PROPERTIES>} append myblock rejoin["SIZE=" getsize1 {,} getsize2] append myblock {BACKCOLOR=142,128,110 NOICONS=TRUE </PROPERTIES>} etc. gives me: <REBELEMBEDLET VERSION=1.1>SIZE=200x100 BACKCOLOR=142,128,110NOICONS=TRUE </PROPERTIES> etc. any answeres are welcome.

 [2/4] from: anton:lexicon at: 10-Jul-2002 17:25

Hi, try this program: ////////////////////////////////// text: copy "" ; a new string ; when you insert into a string (which is what append does), ; the value gets converted to a string, or whatever datatype ; the first argument is. So this reduced block becomes a string. append text reduce [ <REBEL_EMBEDLET VERSION=0.1> newline <PROPERTIES> ] getsize1: 200 getsize2: 100 append text rejoin [newline "SIZE=" getsize1 {,} getsize2] append text { BACKCOLOR=142,128,110 NOICONS=TRUE </PROPERTIES> } file: %afile.txt write file text print read file ; read it back in to test it delete file ; clean up ///////////////////////// By the way, I think it's "reblet". And it should be "REBOL_EMBEDLET". Sounds like good stuff. Anton.

 [3/4] from: al::bri::xtra::co::nz at: 10-Jul-2002 19:51

Try something like this: myblock: make block! 10 append myblock <REBELEMBEDLET VERSION=1.1> append myblock <PROPERTIES> append myblock rejoin["SIZE=" getsize1 {,} getsize2] append myblock {BACKCOLOR=142,128,110} append myblock "NOICONS=TRUE" append myblock </PROPERTIES> write/lines %MyFile.txt myblock Andrew Martin ICQ: 26227169

 [4/4] from: dmurrill:mindspring at: 10-Jul-2002 22:26

Thanks alot Anton and Andrew, i was doing both of your example but i did'nt know i could wrap some strings with " " and some with { }, and i i was putting the "newline" after the append. I wish i could have found that in the RT docs or Rebol Guide book.