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Script arguments from console?

 [1/5] from: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 17-Sep-2001 19:29

Hi, I have a script which can be called with command line arguments. I'm accessing the arguments throuh system/options/args. This works fine if the script is called from a shell but fails if I start my script from the Rebol console with
>> do ... argument
Than system/options/args is none. Isn't this inconsistent? I would expect the same behaviour. Robert

 [2/5] from: pablohar:hotm:ail at: 17-Sep-2001 16:09

help do USAGE: DO value /args arg /next DESCRIPTION: Evaluates a block, file, URL, function, word, or any other value. DO is a native value. ARGUMENTS: value -- Normally a file name, URL, or block (Type: any) REFINEMENTS: /args -- If value is a script, this will set its system/script/args arg -- Args passed to a script. Normally a string. (Type: any) /next -- Do next expression only. Return block with result and new position.

 [3/5] from: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 18-Sep-2001 11:11

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> USAGE: > DO value /args arg /next
Hi, well it sometimes makes sense to read the docs for even the most basic words ;-). But why do the arguments will be put into system/script/args whereas commandline arguments are put into system/options/args? Robert

 [4/5] from: pablohar::hotmail::com at: 18-Sep-2001 11:05

Dear Robert I ALWAYS take the arguments from system/script/args in my shell invoked scripts.. (I didn't know about system/options/args... I promess to check it ;-) )

 [5/5] from: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 18-Sep-2001 9:44

Hey Robert, they are two different animals. Script/args are loaded rebol code, wherareas command line args are just strings. It would'nt make much sense to force the loading of command line args, since some of those may not necessarilly make sense to rebol when loaded. Forcing script args to strings would work, but you must keep in mind the args come from two entirely different worlds, both of which have entirely different ways and standards of communicating. Actually, I hardly see a use for 'do/args, but I would be willing to bet that Carl has some grandiose plan for its use not yet quite appearent to us. --Ryan Robert M. Muench wrote:
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-- Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400

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