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face/saved-area question

 [1/5] from: arolls:idatam:au at: 9-Jan-2002 12:43

Does anyone know how to get the saved-area image before viewing? Or, put another way, what is view doing that causes pic/saved-area to be "resolved" to an image? lay: layout [pic: image img with [saved-area: true]] pic/saved-area ;== true Not what I wanted... However... view lay ; close the window pic/saved-area ;== make image! [429x63 #{ 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000... I was thinking I could set saved-area to my own function for some interesting effects, but I am not sure what image it stores, when and how, and when it is drawn. Anton.

 [2/5] from: cyphre::seznam::cz at: 9-Jan-2002 10:04

Hi Anton, one of my view docs says: saved-area Enables faster rendering for transparent faces. When a face is transparent on a static (unchanging) backdrop, this field can be set to TRUE to accelerate redrawing. The face can change without requiring the backdrop to be rendered each time. The pixels for the area under the face will be saved into this field, changing it from a TRUE to an IMAGE. This field defaults to NONE. for example try this: -----------snip----------- l: layout [backtile logo.gif t: vtext "HELLO WORLD" with [saved-area: true]] view/new l view/new layout [image t/saved-area] ;this is the "cutted" background view/new layout [box 150x50 with [pane: make t []]] ; the face holds this background ----------snip-------- so as you can see, the image which contains 'saved-area is just for holding of the background of the face so View doesnot have to "key"(or render) background of this face when for example the face is moving . But it is useful only when the backgound has one color etc. regards, Cyphre

 [3/5] from: arolls:idatam:au at: 10-Jan-2002 15:18

Thankyou Cyphre, However, my question was if I can render saved-area to an image *before VIEWing*. Sorry, I should have been more clear. Anton. :)

 [4/5] from: cyphre:seznam:cz at: 10-Jan-2002 10:29

Hi Anton, Ups ;), I should have read your post more carefully. So here si imo the only one solution: --------snip-------------- l: layout [backtile logo.gif b: vtext "HELLO WORLD" with [saved-area: true]] to-image l a: b/saved-area view layout [image a] -----------snip-------------- I hope this will help you... Regards, Cyphre

 [5/5] from: arolls:idatam:au at: 10-Jan-2002 21:18

Ah good work! Thanks, Cyphre. Anton.