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[] Library look'n'feel

 [1/3] from: SunandaDH::aol::com at: 3-Aug-2004 15:55

We get a stream of requests at the Library to change the way it looks. That's not surprising....Even overlooking today's fairly utilitarian design, there's no way a single design can please the wide range of visitors from every platform and browser you could name. So, rather than attempt a redesign, we've added a feature whereby you can sculpt your own CSS for a a personalised makeover....Finally, we can all escape the tyranny of one designer's vision and (with a small amount of CSS knowledge) see the site any way we want. Lots more information here: If you come up with a look'n'feel that feels good to you, you could make that public, and then any Library user could see it your way. The only published alternative view right now, is mine.....It's not intended as a serious makeover -- just an example of what under a dozen lines of CSS can do to the site. You can see the difference here: and here: If anyone else does publish their efforts, it'll appear here: (If you can sculpt something really good, we'll be bugging you for permission to make it the official site CSS :-) ) Please help us devise a better look to the current site, one that the community can be proud of. Thanks, Sunanda

 [2/3] from: bry:itnisk at: 4-Aug-2004 9:57

Eric meyer has been proposing that in order to increase the utility of personalized stylesheets, that sites have a unique identifier on their body, generally equivalent to their domain, so yours would be then of course one can have the personalised css file in the browser to override certain features specific to the library. Quoting [SunandaDH--aol--com]:

 [3/3] from: SunandaDH:aol at: 4-Aug-2004 6:17

> then of course one can have the personalised css file in the browser to > override certain features specific to the library.
There's a killer application waiting to be written -- maybe it could be in REBOL. It'd be a browser plugin (or possibly a proxy server to work with older browsers too). It'd have an AI core and I'd tell it (ideally in non-CSS terminology) how I like to see websites in general. Or I'd say "make this site use that site's look"). Or give it examples of what I like, and let it generalise. It would generate appropriate local CSS files (and maybe tweak the HTML) to get the appearance I want. But that doesn't solve the problem of publishing an improved look'n'feel so that others can use it (do a google for "guerilla republishing" -- it's a related topic and could be a new trend). I guess you could say the Library CSS feature is trailing a small part of that: personalised CSS without waiting for new browser features, plus a publishing mechanism Sunanda.