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no-wait for scheme

 [1/3] from: patrick:philipot:laposte at: 18-Aug-2003 9:45

Hi List, Previously on "Understanding tcp" My previous problem, while trying to code a Rebol Client, was that 'copy never returned any value.
>> serv: open/binary tcp://localhost:3000 >> insert serv "^(05)^(00)^(0A)^(00)^(00)^(01)DSN=mytest;" >> insert serv "^(05)^(00)^(17)^(00)^(00)^(02)SELECT * from
>> insert serv "^(05)^(00)^(0B)^(00)^(00)^(06)FetchRecord" >> copy serv
** Access Error: Network timeout ** Near: copy serv
>> close serv
Thanks to Maarten, Gabriele, and Norman, it is working now. The /no-wait refinement was needed in my case. My problem now is to use no-wait in a 'scheme. The scheme is very short: make root-protocol [ scheme: 'dbtcp port-id: 3000 port-flags: system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru open-check: none open: func [port [port!] /local connection-string][ open-proto port port/sub-port/state/flags: 524835 ; force /direct/binary mode connection-string: system/words/copy ^(05)^(00)^(0A)^(00)^(00)^(01) if not none? port/target [ append connection-string join "DSN=" port/target ";" ] ] if not none? port/user [ append connection-string join "UID=" port/user ";" ] ] if not none? port/pass [ append connection-string join "PWD=" port/pass ";" ] ] insert port connection-string ] insert: function [ port data ] [ ] [ system/words/insert port/sub-port data ] copy: func [ port ] [ make string! system/words/copy port/sub-port ] net-utils/net-install dbtcp self 3000 ] The test program is very short too. Rebol[] trace/net on do %dbtcp-scheme.r db: open dbtcp://localhost/mytest insert db rejoin ["^(05)^(00)^(17)^(00)^(00)^(02)" "select * from mytable" ^(0D)^(0A) ] insert db "^(05)^(00)^(0B)^(00)^(00)^(06)FetchRecord" print mold copy db ; <<<<<<<<<<<<<< TIMEOUT ERROR close db I can tell that all this work pretty well because tcpview shows a correct trace. The server is receiving and sending its data. However, as before, I am not in no-wait mode. And so the copy fails. I have looked deeply in the code of all existing protocols but found nothing.. Does anybody have a clue? Regards Patrick

 [2/3] from: dockimbel:free at: 18-Aug-2003 10:13

Bonjour Patrick, You should try to use 'set-mode instead of setting port flags. (Warning: untested!) Replace the line : port/sub-port/state/flags: 524835 by : set-mode port/sub-port [direct: binary: no-wait: true] or maybe : set-mode port [direct: binary: no-wait: true] Let us know if this works correctly. HTH, -DocKimbel Selon [patrick--philipot--laposte--net]:

 [3/3] from: patrick::philipot::laposte::net at: 19-Aug-2003 9:27

Hi Nenad, None of your suggestions did work. However it forces me to look into this more deeper. So in the end I replaced this line (1) by this line(2). (1) port/sub-port/state/flags: 524835 (2) port/sub-port/state/flags: 526883 Where did this *magic* value come from? A simple probe on the opened port (see below). Anyway, thanks for your help. It put me back on track when I was about to give up. Regard Patrick
>> db: open/binary/no-wait tcp://localhost:3001 >> probe db
make object! [ scheme: 'tcp host: "localhost" port-id: 3001 user: none pass: none target: none path: none proxy: none access: none allow: none buffer-size: none limit: none handler: none status: none size: none date: none url: none sub-port: none locals: none state: make object! [ flags: 526883 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HERE misc: [308 [] 0] tail: 0 num: 0 with: "^M^/" custom: none index: 0 func: 3 fpos: 0 inBuffer: none outBuffer: none ] timeout: none local-ip: local-service: none remote-service: none last-remote-service: none direction: none key: none strength: none algorithm: none block-chaining: none init-vector: none padding: none async-modes: none remote-ip: local-port: 4882 remote-port: 3001 backlog: none device: none speed: none data-bits: none parity: none stop-bits: none rts-cts: true user-data: none awake: none ]