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[ALLY] Re: object to layout?

 [1/3] from: larry:ecotope at: 30-Apr-2001 15:47

Hi Ingo Fun question. Here's my cut. Third OBJECT turns the object back to a block of setword value pairs. Using your example:
>> third a
== [t1: "Text1" t2: "Text2"] Then it is easy to manipulate:
>> b: copy []
== []
>> foreach [setword string] third a [
append b compose [ text (form :setword) (:setword) field (string) tab]] == [text "t1" t1: field "Text1" tab text "t2" t2: field "Text2" tab] This is close to what you want. Perhaps others see a more elegant solution. -Larry

 [2/3] from: ingo::2b1::de at: 30-Apr-2001 23:23

Hi Rebols, has anyone an idea how best to create a layout from an object! ? assume I have: a: make object! [t1: "Text1" t2: "Text2"] I want to create a layout like this: [ text "t1" tab t1: field return text "t2" tab t2: field ] with the fields set to the respective strings from the object! I am halfway there, but my solution seems much to complicated ... thanks in advance, Ingo

 [3/3] from: ingo:2b1 at: 1-May-2001 6:36

Thanks Larry, we were nearly there, the following is what I wanted (this way changes in the fields are reflected in the object) ...
>> data: make object! [ test1: "The first test" test2: "the next test" ] >> lay: copy [across tabs 60]
== [across tabs 60]
>> foreach elem next first data [
[ append lay compose [text (to-string :elem) tab [ (to-set-word :elem) field (to-path reduce ['data :elem]) return] [ ] == [across tabs 60 text "test1" tab test1: field data/test1 return text "test2" tab test2: field data/test2 return]
>> view layout lay
thanks again ... Once upon a time Larry Palmiter spoketh thus:
> Hi Ingo > Fun question. Here's my cut.
<<quoted lines omitted: 42>>
> [ally-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the > subject, without the quotes.
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