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ftp problems

 [1/6] from: fantam:mailandnews at: 19-Feb-2001 1:09

Hello all, I've sent the following to feedback. Maybe someone has experienced the same problem, or knows more about it (especially concerning the second ftp problem): I found a bug when trying to make a directory on a remote ftp site with high ascii characters, even when the url is mime encoded. write/binary ftp://user:[pass--ftp--test--com]/rttrt20%dsds/ Rebol doesn't accept this, but it does when the accented characters are in the filename. Also, on cetain ftp hosts, I get the following message systematically : Server error: tcp 530 Login for user 'fantam' failed (Logged in too many times.) while if I try manually, I do get in. I suspect this has something to do about how rebol is announcing itself to the host. Could you tell me if this is customizable. I also noticed that on the remote host, a file called is created and left behind. Maybe it's related with the above problem. Finally, after repeated tcp 530 errors (the ftp transfers are dynamic in my script), rebol crashes. I'm using winNT 5 (w2k) machine and the latest rebol experimental

 [2/6] from: fantam:mailandnews at: 19-Feb-2001 19:52

> Have you tried using make-dir ? Does that present the same problems?
Yes: make-dir ftp://user:[password--ftp--xoom--com]/backup/id%E9es/ produces: ** User Error: URL error: ftp://user:[password--ftp--xoom--com]/backup/id%E9es/ But, unlike I stated in my previous email, it would also report an error if the encoding was in the filename part of the URL. The encoding algorithm I use is the following: foreach char url [ append new-url either char > 127 [ join "%" trim/with form to-binary char {#{}} ][char] ]

 [3/6] from: kracik:mbox:dkm:cz at: 19-Feb-2001 20:49

Hi, I'd check the FTP server and OS it runs on. Most filesystems can store filenames with "high ASCII" characters, but since they are from U.S. it's not tested well. For example, Windows NT Server's ability to store and find files with Czech characters depends on whether the server's regional settings are set to Czech or not. -- Michal Kracik Fantam wrote:

 [4/6] from: allenk:powerup:au at: 19-Feb-2001 22:20

Have you tried using make-dir ? Does that present the same problems? Cheers, Allen K

 [5/6] from: fantam:mailandnews at: 20-Feb-2001 18:19

You're right. Thanks for the useful info.

 [6/6] from: sterling:rebol at: 21-Feb-2001 11:30

I notice there have been a few responses about the first part but not the second. The reason you have problems with too many logins is that REBOL is caching your ftp sessions for reuse and the server yo uare contacting allows a limited number of connections per user at a time. The way to solve this is to change the value of: system/schemes/ftp/cache-size to a smaller value. It may be necessary to go all the way down to 1 if the server only allows a single connection per user. To explain a bit more fully, REBOL caches connections with the following information making it unique: ftp host, user login, directory accessed If all this information is the same in a subsequent FTP access, the same connection to the server is used again. If any of it changes, the old connection is kept in the cache and a new connection is created. Once the number of connections in the cache exceeds the cache-size, the oldest cached connection is closed. Sterling