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 [1/3] from: louisaturk::eudoramail::com at: 16-Apr-2002 5:19

Hi rebols, What exactly does recycle do, and how is it supposed to be used? Let's say that you end a program in a rebol window, and want to reclaim all the memory. Can you just type recycle at the command line? If the recycle command is executed immediately before exiting a program will it reclaim all the memory? Louis

 [2/3] from: anton:lexicon at: 17-Apr-2002 0:29

Recycle will not free memory which is still referenced by some word. So, if you close your window, but you have set a word to one of your buttons (or fields etc.) in that window, then the window will not be freed because the button's 'parent facet will be referring to the window. eg. lay: layout [ b: button ] (Layout sets b/parent to lay.) If you do this: unset 'lay recycle lay is still referred to via b/parent. Therefore, you need to also: unset 'b recycle I haven't checked this. 'lay and 'b may be referenced elsewhere in the view/VID system (and so would not be freed). For another example, if you use 'load-image to load some images, they will not be recycled because there is a reference to them in the image cache that load-image maintains. (See the source.) I almost never use recycle. The recycler is automatically on by default, so you shouldn't have to think about it unless you have special circumstances. To free all the memory you must try to unset all the words which you have set running the program. A few people here know how to check the words before and after running a program and can get the difference (ie. the words that were set). Check out this cool memory information program by DocKimbel. I've never more than tinkered with it but I am glad it's there in case I need it some day. Good questions, by the way. Anton.

 [3/3] from: louisaturk:eudoramail at: 16-Apr-2002 17:39

Anton, Thanks. I guess I was hoping for some way to unset all the variables with one word. :>) Louis At 12:29 AM 4/17/2002 +1000, you wrote: