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Getting Rebol Word List

 [1/10] from: tim::johnsons-web::com at: 7-Aug-2000 9:11

Hi: There is a way to dump the entire rebol word list to a file. I have used it before but can't remember... Does anyone know how to do this and where the documentation is? Thanks Tim

 [2/10] from: balayo:mindspring at: 7-Aug-2000 12:38

At 8/7/00 9:11:00 AM, you wrote:
>Hi: >There is a way to dump the entire rebol word list
<<quoted lines omitted: 3>>
>Thanks >Tim
I don't suppose you are thinking of the rebdoc.r script? It makes an html list of all REBOL defined words. -tom

 [3/10] from: tim:johnsons-web at: 7-Aug-2000 10:47

At 12:38 PM 8/7/00 -0600, you wrote:
>At 8/7/00 9:11:00 AM, you wrote: > >Hi:
<<quoted lines omitted: 11>>
>I don't suppose you are thinking of the rebdoc.r script? It makes an html >list of all REBOL defined words.
I wasn't, but that is great feature, I still think there is a command, but maybe I'm hallucinating. Thanks!! Tim

 [4/10] from: bob:claar at: 7-Aug-2000 15:00

Maybe you should try help what The what command lists all REBOL words. I'm new to Rebol but I think this is correct. Bob

 [5/10] from: doug:vos:eds at: 7-Aug-2000 16:18

You can also modify "what" to make a new function that does what-you-want.
>> source what
what: func [ "Prints a list of globally-defined functions." /local vals args here total ][ total: copy [] vals: second system/words foreach word first system/words [ if any-function? first vals [ args: first first vals if here: find args /local [args: copy/part args here] append total reduce [word mold args] ] vals: next vals ] foreach [word args] sort/skip total 2 [print [word args]] exit ]

 [6/10] from: s_woodrum:hotmai:l at: 7-Aug-2000 15:24

Try echo %what.txt what

 [7/10] from: tim:johnsons-web at: 7-Aug-2000 13:03

That's to both of you.... this is great. :) Tim At 04:18 PM 8/7/00 -0400, you wrote:

 [8/10] from: tim:johnsons-web at: 7-Aug-2000 14:57

I'm a little confused about the distinction between any-function? and function? any-function? :break == true but function? :break == false Can anyone enlighten me? I see that the function below uses any-function? Thanks Tim At 04:18 PM 8/7/00 -0400, you wrote:

 [9/10] from: larry:ecotope at: 7-Aug-2000 16:19

Hi Tim
>> type? :break
== native!
>> type? :func
== function!
>> type? :add
== action!
>> type? :+
== op! Any-function is a pseudotype which includes function!, action!, op!, and native! (i.e. the action any-function? returns true for any of these). Try help native! help function! etc to get a list of the currently defined values of that type. Other pseudotypes are series, any-block, and any-string. This topic is discussed (to some extent) in the docs. Elan's book provides more info. HTH -Larry

 [10/10] from: tim:johnsons-web at: 7-Aug-2000 15:37

Thanks. That was very helpful. Now I have a correct dump for rebol functions (I think). regards Tim At 04:19 PM 8/7/00 -0700, you wrote:

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