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Fonts links

 [1/6] from: jjmmes::yahoo::es at: 25-Sep-2002 11:18

I've been checking bits of info related to fonts and I think you might find some of these links interesting: ** Great directory of fonts related info ** Some good free fonts at Also, the great library Freetype2 with source available. ================================================== Some Freetyp features below * FreeType 2 provides a simple and easy-to-use API to access font content in a uniform way, independently of the file format. Additionally, some format-specific APIs can be used to access special data in the font file. * Unlike most comparable libraries, FreeType 2 supports scalable font formats like TrueType or Type 1 natively and can return the outline data (and control instructions/hints) to client applications. * The design of FreeType 2 is based on modules that can be either linked statically to the library at compile time, or loaded on demand at runtime. Modules are used to support specific font formats, or even new glyph image formats ! * FreeType 2 was written with embedded systems in mind. This means that it doesn't use static writable data (i.e. it can be run from ROM directly), that client applications can provide their own memory manager and i/o stream implementation. The latter allows you to easily read from ROM-based, compressed or remote font files with the same API. Several stream implementations can be used concurrently with a single FreeType 2 instance. You can also reduce the size of the FreeType 2 code by only compiling the modules you need for your embedded project/environment. * By default, FreeType 2 supports the following font formats: o TrueType fonts (and collections) o Type 1 fonts o CID-keyed Type 1 fonts o CFF fonts o OpenType fonts (both TrueType and CFF variants) o SFNT-based bitmap fonts o X11 PCF fonts o Windows FNT fonts o BDF fonts (including anti-aliased ones) o PFR fonts o Type42 fonts (limited support) * From a given glyph outline, FreeType 2 is capable of producing a high-quality monochrome bitmap, or anti-aliased pixmap, using 256 levels of "gray". This is much better than the 5 levels used by Windows 9x/98/NT/2000 or FreeType 1.

 [2/6] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 25-Sep-2002 10:41

Thanks Jose! I'm not sure how REBOL does things internally, but this is good stuff to know. --Gregg

 [3/6] from: jjmmes:ya:hoo:es at: 26-Sep-2002 15:58

In Linux, it looks like Rebol just relies on a set of safe fonts but not all fonts available to xfs (X Font Server) I tried to view different fonts with view layout [ text "Fonts test" font-size 40 [ name: Speedo ] ] but it defaults to basic fonts --- Gregg Irwin <[greggirwin--mindspring--com]> escribió:

 [4/6] from: anton:lexicon at: 27-Sep-2002 0:59

That doesn't work on windows, either. You missed the 'font-name dialect keyword: view layout [text "fonts test" font-size 40 font-name "courier"] and you can also do it this way: view layout [text "fonts test" font [name: "courier" size: 40]] or mix it up: view layout [ text "fonts test" font-size 40 font [name: "courier"] ] The three examples above should all give the same result, and they assume you have a font "courier" installed. Anton.

 [5/6] from: jjmmes:y:ahoo:es at: 26-Sep-2002 17:22

sure, I missed 'font before the block, but any of the examples don't seem to recognize system fonts not part of REBOL's default set (at least in Linux Red Hat 7.2) It recognizes Courier, Times, Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, Georgia but not Comic, Book, Speedo, Outlook, Impact and other TrueType fonts available in the system --- Anton <[anton--lexicon--net]> escribió: > That doesn't work on windows, either.

 [6/6] from: anton:lexicon at: 27-Sep-2002 3:03

Ok, that's a different issue then. Anton.