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Newbie problem

 [1/6] from: kpeters:vu-ware at: 2-Feb-2005 12:04

Hi all, in my script below i would expect cururl to have a different value for each iteration. It does, however, retain its =A0value from the first iteration. I vaguely remember there being a newbie trap because of some Rebol feature but can't for the life of me not remember where .... Anyone can help me fix this script? Thanks in advance, Kai rebol[] cats: load %/c/farm/cats.csv baseurl: &Zip_Langue=en&Zip_Page=1&Zip_Produit=@&Zip_Scope=1&Zip_StartPoint=0&Zip_Source=1&Zip_Type=cat&laville=ke lowna&Zip_Prov=BC& foreach cat cats [ =A0 cururl: replace baseurl "@" cat =A0 fname: =A0join %/c/farm/level1/ cat ; print cururl =A0 write fname read cururl ]

 [2/6] from: tomc::darkwing::uoregon::edu at: 2-Feb-2005 12:10

Hi Kai we wont know what you get from cats: load %/c/farm/cats.csv so it will be difficult to speculate On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Kai Peters wrote:

 [3/6] from: carl::cybercraft::co::nz at: 3-Feb-2005 1:04

Hi Kai, The end-of-line characters (or whatever they are - yes RT - bring back Selma!), make your script a bit hard to decipher, but the newbie trap you're thinking of may be that you need a COPY before the value you're trying to access. -- Carl Read. On Wednesday, 2-February-2005 at 12:04 Kai Peters wrote,

 [4/6] from: volker:nitsch::gmail at: 3-Feb-2005 6:40

As Carl said, it should be the copy. foreach cat cats [ cururl: replace baseurl "@" cat fname: join %/c/farm/level1/ cat ; print cururl ;<-good idea :) print baseurl ;<- try that too ;) write fname read cururl ] You will find baseurl changes the first time. because 'replace does not copy. and then there is no more "@" to replace. cururl: replace COPY baseurl "@" cat On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 12:04:00 -0800, Kai Peters <[kpeters--vu-ware--com]> wrote:
> Hi all, > in my script below i would expect cururl to have a different value for each
<<quoted lines omitted: 21>>
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 [5/6] from: kpeters-vu:ware at: 3-Feb-2005 9:11

(Repost - sent the first one out 16 hours ago only to not see it again...) Thanks guys! REBOL leaves me breathless - just about everything is at least 10 times simpler and faster than I typically imagine... Here's my final question: The script below finds every *first* occurrence per file - how do I make it find *multiple* occurrences? Also, if anyone sees parts of my code that could be improved upon, please do not hesitate to teach me a lesson or two - thanks! Kai rebol[] levelone: %/c/arm/level1/ linkfile: %/c/arm/level2/links files: =A0 =A0read levelone foreach file files [ =A0 page: read join levelone file =A0 text: copy "" =A0 parse/all page [thru {: ViewClient('} copy text to {','info');">} ] =A0 l: length? text =A0 either l = 10 [ write/append/lines linkfile mold copy/part text 12 ] [ print l ] =A0 print file ]

 [6/6] from: kpeters-vu:ware at: 2-Feb-2005 12:20

No more help required: Just found it myself - thanks!

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