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ListView in REBOL/View

 [1/5] from: wonko:algonet:se at: 29-Jan-2001 14:35

ListView in REBOL/View Hello! I am a newbie when it comes to REBOL/View and I would like some help. I would like to add a listview in REBOL/View where it should be possible to have multiple lines selected. It would then be possible to extract the selected lines. Could someone please help me? Best regards, Peter Carlsson

 [2/5] from: gjones05:mail:orion at: 29-Jan-2001 9:29

Hi, Peter, Multiple selections in text-list can be made in Windows by holding the Control key while making selections. The default text-list supports this feature. After selections are made, then the values may be found in that list's "picked" attribute. For example: view layout [ tl1: text-list "a" "b" "c" button "Copy Selection" [tl2/lines: tl1/picked show tl2] tl2: text-list ] Select any combination of tl1 and then click the button. The selected values will be transfered to the second list in this example. For additional resources, check out Allen Kamp's "View FAQ" at: There is also an archived REBOL/View User's guide at: This guide serves as a nice introduction but may be out of date or incomplete in some sections. Hope this helps. --Scott

 [3/5] from: ivarpi:freemail:hu at: 31-Jan-2001 11:41

Hi! Please write something about text-list! How to put a variable to a text-list? Can text-list handle multiple colums? How? What refinements can used with this object? Please help me. I'm novice. Thank's Arpi

 [4/5] from: gjones05:mail:orion at: 31-Jan-2001 6:12

Hi, Arpi, In its simplist form, text-list can be supplied with one to several items: view layout [text-list "Hello" "Arpi"] Text-list can also accept a block of items. In this case, then "data" signifies that text-list should accept a block: my-block: ["Hello" "Arpi"] view layout [text-list data my-block] The text-list selection is passed via "value". view layout [ text-list "popcorn" "peanuts" [t1/text: value show t1] t1: txt 50x20 ] Text-list can accept many of the same face modifications as other faces. Check out the "Easy VID" tutorial. You can get to this through the demo mode of /View. Click on "", then click on "docs", then click on Easy VID . It also explains the basic functionality of the text-list face. Allen Kamp explains some additional functionality at his "FAQ - View Beta": The Rebol/View User's Guide at may also provide general help, but it does not cover text-list specifically. There is a similar face called list. It provides additional flexibility, but I am having trouble finding the reference that I found most help to explain its use (other than is covered in the references given above). As far as I know text-list and list do not directly support columns by default, but columns can be formulated through face modifications. An excellent example of this is seen in the built-in file request dialog, which utilizes list. This dialog can be seen by going to console mode, then typing "request-file" at the prompt. The source for this dialog can be seen a in the VID source code. You can obtain this code by typing: write %vid.txt mold system/view/vid Then search for the word "start-out:". Then look at the layout for out: just below that. I hope that this information gives you a good start with text-list and text faces. -- Scott ... From: "Varga Árpi" ...

 [5/5] from: ivarpi:freemail:hu at: 31-Jan-2001 14:07

Hi Scott! Thank you, for the details about text-list, and for the other ideas. I can use them good. You opened my eyes. Thank's again! Arpi GS Jones <[gjones05--mail--orion--org]> írta: