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[] [repack] quick info

 [1/1] from: maximo::meteorstudios::com at: 29-Apr-2004 13:32

hi ppl, just thought I'd give you a little primer on how to use repack. -start by runnning it (from the web or downloaded). -you will see the ui is separated in 5: * a header * a "package" browser pane * the package specification/download setup pane * the message box (which prints rebol package and version, by default) * and the command bar (which only has "close" button in v1.01) - pressing refresh in "packages" pane will list all current packages - clicking on a package, will list its content in the "specification" pane. - for each file in the package you will get all of its meta info like date and version, name and dir. - the engine also looks into the current install dir to see if the listed files exist or have changed. depending on this info, checkboxes are automatically setup, and a visual cue in color is given to say if the file is: * (N)ew * (C)hanged * (S)ame * has (D)irectory problems - the files which contain an install sub-directory will create these paths by themselves, no need to create them beforehand. - you can change the install path by typing it or by clicking on "..." to browse your disks. * this browser renames, resizes, creates dirs, and deletes files directly. * clicking on the left-most part of directories will move you there in one click * clicking on the right-most part will select them for editing (rename or delete) * alt-clicking (usually the right mouse button) will select a file or dir. * alt-clicking on an item which is already selected will show a field gadget. ~ typing a new name will effectively rename that file on disk. NO CONFIRM. ~ pressing esc, cancels the field and rename and puts things back like they where. * any bad path will refresh the ui with red checkmarks and give an error message. - ALL KNOWN ERRORS are trapped and visual feedback is given. In fact a handy alert box even allows you to browse the package help page directly. - While downloading, a progress indicator tells you how many bytes have been xfered so far. * don't worry if the info is a little bit queer, its been fixed in the next version (yet unreleased ). - pressing on the application's "close" while downloading is actually a way to stop a download, but be sure to close rebol's console window too, or the download still runs in the bg. (again, in forthcoming version, there is an explicit stop! button). - the refresh button in specification pane once a package spec is loaded, will rebuild the spec pane. It should have virtually no use, unless you change your disk files in a separate task (you browse to the install dir in an explorer and delete stuff). - also note that if you do include a package in a package, repack, although listing it in the top-level package spec, can not download it within the context of the top package recursively ... for now, you have to go to the other package and download it separately... user demand and actual use case will speed-up the feature's appearance. - I hope I didn't forget any thing -repack is the result of 8 weeks of evening work (not all of them being fun ;-). This includes creating glayout (from scratch), slim-link (from scratch), upgrading slim, the actual repack application (from scratch) and would not have been possible without the ever supportive help of sunanda, who always fixed issues and easily agreed to torture the lds system internals to support my whimsical desires for repack ... like the next version's fix for download progression... ------- NEXT VERSION ------- look out for the up and comming repack v1.1.0... it adds a few new tricks: - run time cancel of a download. - better real-time download stats - a log viewer for all posted messages on the message bar (cause they pass by so fast on high-speed connections). ------- ABOUT REPACK'S CONSTITUENT PARTS ------- repack was built using glayout, slim, lds-local.r (slimed) , and slim-link to link it all up into one file. People curious about glayout should try out repack. Note that glayout (and repack) works in all versions of rebol starting at v1.2.1 (last official rebol/view release version :-) up to beta 1.2.41 which I tested (and beyond?). also note that glayout has a new file browser which is (obviously) being used in repack.r, cause window's browser (cause it only operates in load or save mode) is simply frustrating to support. All comments welcome, as it'll help me focus on things which nag you first and foremost. I am in the process of creating docs for glayout, slim-link, liquid and an update for slim, but it takes time (a lot). Especially since I thought a complete site redesign was in order. I'll give updates when things start appearing live. have fun! -MAx --- Given time, this string will become GBs of wasted bandwith
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