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Suggestion: [ Errata ]

 [1/5] from: rebolinth:nodep:dds:nl at: 14-Mar-2002 21:14

Hiya all, Erata on my function to-positve and to-negative..already!..bad day :) (1) they should also cover /money /binary and long not only integer (2) to-positive should do an extra if (cut&paste error) (3) to-negative should have a better description. postive != negative (4) perhpas the func should become to-opposit and cover also strings (4) befor i ever post a suggestion inhere again ill better check twise, anyway the proposal still stands...:-) (R)egards, Norman.

 [2/5] from: rotenca:telvia:it at: 15-Mar-2002 0:22

look at:
>> help negate
USAGE: NEGATE number DESCRIPTION: Changes the sign of a number. NEGATE is an action value. ARGUMENTS: number -- (Type: number pair money time bitset) --- Ciao Romano

 [3/5] from: rebolinth:nodep:dds:nl at: 15-Mar-2002 0:59

Citeren [Rebolinth--nodep--dds--nl]: Hiya all, Well yes im still in stage one, moving towards stage two ;-) Never encountered Negative and abs until now so it was a stupid example, but still im wondering about the proposal listing which was my initial message ;-) (R)egards, Norman.

 [4/5] from: greggirwin::mindspring::com at: 14-Mar-2002 15:14

Hi Norman, I'm one of those people that wants to see /Core kept as small as possible. Since REBOL provides ABS and NEGATE, I don't know if I'd bother adding to-positive and to-negative to /Core, since you can add them so easily yourself. to-positive: :abs to-negative: func [value] [negate abs value] --Gregg

 [5/5] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 14-Mar-2002 23:19

Hi Norman, <<...but still im wondering about the proposal listing which was my initial message >> I think RT monitors the list enough to know what topics stir up a lot of traffic, and there's always the feedback.r script. For me, knowing how much time I *don't* have, coming up with a good solution (e.g. a database and viewer where people could propose and discuss features) is more than I have time to build. I can envision some nice solutions, but lack the time to pursue them currently. --Gregg