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3d engine and game

 [1/6] from: christophe:coussement:mil:be at: 8-Jan-2002 14:25

Hi: I recall Cyphre talking about "universal arcade game engine in Rebol/View" which whas in beta phase... As we would need a 3d engine for creating animation within our project, does anyone knows about the status of Cyphre's work ? Are they any other projects or tries about 3d in /View ? Thx, ==christophe

 [2/6] from: olivier:auverlot:ac-lille at: 8-Jan-2002 16:09

Hello Christophe, I work currently on a 3D engine and dialect for View (R3D). Regards Olivier ;-)

 [3/6] from: cyphre::seznam::cz at: 8-Jan-2002 19:22

Hello Chris, The "universal arcade game engine in Rebol/View" doesnot support 3D gfx (not yet, but I'll plan to add either some simple 3D plain(paterned) vector engine or will wait for RT's own 3D dialect which is planned in the near future). Anyway, I'm planning public release of the first playable demo which uses the "arcade engine" during this month...If you have any questions etc. just contact me privately. regards, Cyphre PS: have a look at Rebolek's rebsite. He did a "3d space" script with simple 3D filled vector engine, it is nice, although it has some problems due to bugs in DRAW dialect...

 [4/6] from: rebolek:seznam:cz at: 8-Jan-2002 20:38

Hi, - simple 3d demo reBolek

 [5/6] from: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 8-Jan-2002 11:48

I have made a couple 3d engines in View, but they all are fairly poor quality, at least in some way. One is versatile and slow, the other is fast, but consumes tons of memory and has restricted movement. My slow stuff is in an unfinished game I call the wanderer. You can find it at:
>> do
It is interesting in that I made a dialect you use to build areas that can be linked together across the internet. Really it all started out as just a feasibility test for the reb-world project, and I just kept on making progress on the frame rate. My original ray caster generated a frame in about 10 seconds on a P400. Now I have test version at home that is about 100 times faster, though still needs some tuning, if I ever get around to it. You can generate some nice 3d images with View, but you will have to wait awhile for them to be calculated, which could be ok for still images, but not for real-time high resolution stuff like you see on modern video games. If I was to do any serious real-time ray casting, I would do it in C, probably using one of the existing 3d engines that are quite good. Most environment logic could be done in rebol, just leaving the hard-core stuff for the C program. Unfortunately you may get bound to a particular platform doing it this way. --Ryan Coussement Christophe wrote:
> Hi: > I recall Cyphre talking about "universal arcade game engine in Rebol/View"
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> [rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the > subject, without the quotes.
-- Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400 The contradiction so puzzling to the ordinary way of thinking comes from the fact that we have to use language to communicate our inner experience which in its very nature transcends lingistics. -D.T. Suzuki

 [6/6] from: christophe:coussement:mil:be at: 9-Jan-2002 10:31

wow, a lot of anwer ;-)) Thanks to all for those, I will now spend some time trying to understand the proposed scripts ! For sure I will have a lot of question, as I'm a perfect beginner in that domain ;-) Untill then, take care thx again, ==christophe

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