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I'm back... ;-) (BEWARE ... a LONG READ)

 [1/2] from: maximo::meteorstudios::com at: 16-Jun-2003 13:34

Well, you've all broken my mental fortitude... Its not a big deal anymore, I guess, its already working in prototype. being a man of concept... I've named it Steel. It is my single-most-long-running-design-never-fully-implemented-because-of-lack-of-time-and-amiga-dying project. ;-) I had hinted at it back then (one year and a half ago!!!), but its just now being implemented as a real and releasable product. In its first release (sometime later this summer) it will contain: -a browsable code editor and code breakup tool. with many advanced features planned for eventual releases. Eventually, datatype centric editing tools will be added to the generic code block editor (ex: object editor and back-tracker). -notes, to-do, history, etc. integrated to each code block. -versioning of code blocks. -rebol code editor a-la ultraEdit (may have text-highlighting and automatic F1-style help, and code trace) -simple archiving and retreival (nothing too advanced). -advanced object-based shared library opening tools (supporting non-rendundant open-library calls within libraries). This also reduces global namespace useage for shared code. -It should contain some cool librairies like: - a fully functional notifying mechasism which handles error-free datatype conversion (this is already working and integrated in new steel vid styles which do not need any action function to drive data related events ;-) -utilities library which will englobe many little functions which I keep handy. -The interim gui system called steelgui (2 years of refinement) handles command bars, call-anytime menues which block ui until a selection is made,etc,etc. (it has a nice brushed steel look to it). beware, its code is highly dark and somber ;-) in the version 2 of the tool (no release date), it will use glass and will be the glass object editor. Glass sources will be released as a steel project. Actually, glass is the main reason I am coding steel. Glass has become such a monster, that it gets confusing with all the inheritence and huge code size. So I want a tool which will let me manage all of that easily, as well as integrate all of my tools. Instead of keeping all of that for myself, it will be released for everyone and then, well, I can get blasted for everything that -won't- be in it. ;-) Just add one line to your user.r file to install and use libraries on demand. don't expect too much for the first releases, but since most of it already exists in a myriad of currently separate sources, it will eventually become more usefull, as I put together all of the old code and adapt it to the new stuff I just implemented this month. there, I've commited myself, I can't back down.. <grumble> ;-) -max ----------- never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.

 [2/2] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 16-Jun-2003 12:27

Hi Maxim, Wow! Sounds very ambitious Max! Can't wait to see it. -- Gregg