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Fixed, sort of *******Fun with Prohosting and REBOL

 [1/4] from: geneven:rocketmail at: 18-Apr-2001 20:18

I had more or less tried everything suggested, but one gets confused after awhile and things that seemed clear become unclear! In any case, I STILL can't get it to work properly with Internet Explorer beta 6, which is what I am mainly using. (It and Broadpage, a cool browser that uses the explorer engine, both ask me if I'm sure I want to download the cgi script.) However, it works fine with whatever the latest Netscape is, and it works pretty well with the latest Opera (no line breaks). So, I'm on the trail. Thanks everyone for your help! --Gene --- Michal Kracik <[kracik--mbox--dkm--cz]> wrote:

 [2/4] from: peoyli:algonet:se at: 22-Apr-2001 12:24

Hi, I just tried out the instructions at the page you mentioned a couple of days ago, with success.. Short version: just copy the correct REBOL/Core version _anywhere_ into the directory where you have the html files (could be different between accounts as it is for me, one has a /html directory, and another doesn't) Make the REBOL executable executable (chmod 711) Check what your home directory is ( and use this to create the command line at the top of each script. I've put my REBOL binary in a 'bin' directory at the top of my homepage tree, for this account my home directory is /usr/home2/peoyli/, and the html files are located in a 'html' directory, so the full command line for me is: #!/usr/home2/peoyli/html/bin/rebol --cgi Here are some other ProHosting notes: text/plain is quite unusable, since ProHosting adds banner code at the end of the generated output. Use HTML output with <!--<killbanner>--> and <PRE> </PRE> around text, if you want something like text/plain. Use validated HTML code, which lowers the chance of ProHosting's banner to destroy the whole page. They have some error in the thingie that adds the banner, which causes badly coded pages to be totally destroyed. This is a GOOD thing, but only if the banner code itself wouldn't destroy the validity of the whole page. I have mentioned this to staff at ProHosting, but they all the time tell me to purchase "the real thing".. You can put your CGI scripts anywhere in your HTML directory tree. This helps you keeping a clean file structure of the whole page, with scripts belonging to a specific page in the same location as the page itself. You (usually) have no shell access, BUT you can use one of my creations to gain pseudo-shell access through a CGI script :). It is written in Perl, because the need of executing system commands, and that you probably don't want to give anyone at ProHosting your ViewPro key.. Despite the problems I have had with ProHosting, I still feel they are the best free homepage hosting service. /PeO

 [3/4] from: peoyli:algonet:se at: 22-Apr-2001 12:35

and add to my previous notes: ... Your CGI scripts does not have to be executable by "everyone", a file access mode of 700 is enough (-rwx------), this is also true for the REBOL binary. You can use the latest version of REBOL/Core, which is for BSDi: /PeO

 [4/4] from: peoyli:algonet:se at: 22-Apr-2001 12:52

> and another: > > ...
use image/something instead of application/octet-stream when sending binary files through a script. application/octet-stream from ProHosting generates an extra banner page, which you then have to click a link on to continue with the download. This does unfortenately not work with any Amiga browsers, and causes problems with Lynx. /PeO -- /* PeO - AMiGA owner since 1990, CGI, Perl, Assembly language & HTML-fanatic *\ \* Amiga 4000TE/060-50/604e 200, 146Mb, 33.4Gb, ZIP, JAZ, CVPPC/8 */ /* IIyama VM Pro 21", CP-SW2 Subwoofer system, NEC-222 *\ \* Plextor 12-Plex, Yamaha CRW 4416S, Artec A6000C+, Stylus Color 500 */ /* Lightfax 3660, Catweazel Z-II (3*IDE, 1*PC Floppy), Minolta DImage V *\ \* SCSI-Tower, Seagate Tapestor 4/8GB, Ariadne Ethernet, Minolta PagePro 6 */