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Setting line mode on a newly create connection.

 [1/6] from: bga-bug::br::org::br at: 20-Apr-2006 14:01

Hello. I am experimenting with TCP clients/servers in REBOL. I have a standard server who listens for connections and accepts them. My problem is that I didn't find a way to set these newly created ports to line mode. Any ideas? Also, I am not sure setting it to line mode will do what I expect it to. Right now, if I send a single character from the client, this char will be immediately processed by the server program and I don't want that to happen before an entire line is sent. I know I could just concatenate al chars until I have a line and then process it but this seems to be more expensive than it must be. Any help will be appreciated. -Bruno

 [2/6] from: anton::wilddsl::net::au at: 21-Apr-2006 19:41

How are you opening your connection to the server and your listen port (server)? Both should be opened in lines mode. See HELP OPEN. So... ; client code server: open/lines tcp:// ; server code listen: open/lines tcp://:1234 Anton.

 [3/6] from: ale870::gmail::com at: 21-Apr-2006 12:25

Hello Anton, do you know if there are any problems related to CR/LF if the client is Ms Windows and server Un*x (or vice-versa), when we use /lines mode? Thank you! --Alessandro On 4/21/06, Anton Rolls <> wrote:

 [4/6] from: gabriele:colellachiara at: 21-Apr-2006 16:20

Hi Alessandro, On Friday, April 21, 2006, 12:25:06 PM, you wrote: AM> do you know if there are any problems related to CR/LF if the client AM> is Ms Windows and server Un*x (or vice-versa), when we use /lines AM> mode? On TCP REBOL always uses CRLF, on all platforms. They are converted to LF when REBOL receives them, and back to the platform convention if you write to a file. It's all transparent for you. Regards, Gabriele. -- Gabriele Santilli <> --- Colella Chiara software division ---

 [5/6] from: ale870::gmail at: 21-Apr-2006 16:38

Great! Thank you! :-) On 4/21/06, Gabriele Santilli <> wrote:

 [6/6] from: anton::wilddsl::net::au at: 22-Apr-2006 1:51

Rebol should translate those correctly for you, in the case of networking in /lines mode, you shouldn't have to think about it. If you should ever need to know, Rebol knows which platform it is on, so it is possible to find: 4-Jun-2004 Determine host os's line-terminator character sequence. (Carl Sassenrath's working method. Use this on a file you are going to create anyway.) p: open %tmp line-flag: p/state/with close p (I only ever needed to know this for a file-splitting application.) Regards, Anton.