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Object question

 [1/7] from: kpeters::otaksoft::com at: 17-Sep-2007 11:03

Hi all ~ I need to have 6 identical (visually) checkbox groups in one of my layouts and thought I could do this: cat-pane: layout/offset [ styles address-styles ; at 10x10 lab "Undefined" at 100x10 sf-check1: check at 10x30 lab "Undefined" at 100x30 sf-check2: check at 10x50 lab "Undefined" at 100x50 sf-check3: check ..snip.. ] 0x0 cat-pane2: make cat-pane cat-pane3: make cat-pane [] cat-pane4: make cat-pane [] cat-pane5: make cat-pane [] cat-pane6: make cat-pane [] address-form: center-face layout [ ..snip.. at 10x410=09box1: box cat-pane/size at 150x420=09box2: box cat-pane/size ..snip.. ] box1/pane: cat-pane/pane box2/pane: cat-pane2/pane This results in: ** Script Error: Face object reused (in more than one pane): Undefined ** Where: view ** Near: show scr-face if new [do-events]
I don't think it's correct that it bemoans the caption of a label as offending culprit here. But more importantly, how can I achieve something like this? TIA, Kai

 [2/7] from: anton::wilddsl::net::au at: 19-Sep-2007 23:26

Maybe something like this: spec: [across lab "1" check lab "2" check lab "3" check] view layout [panel spec panel spec] Anton.

 [3/7] from: kpeters::otaksoft::com at: 19-Sep-2007 16:09

Thanks a lot, Anton ~ very elegant & concise. I am not sure if it is possible ( and how) to set and get values from a given checkbox, say the third checkbox from the top of sp2 ? Kai spec: [across lab "1" check lab "2" check lab "3" check] view layout [ sp1: panel spec sp2: panel spec] On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 23:26:45 +1000, Anton Rolls wrote:

 [4/7] from: anton::wilddsl::net::au at: 20-Sep-2007 12:56

Kai, You need to inspect the face which is returned by LAYOUT. Here is how you proceed, given the following layout: window: layout [panel [check check] panel [check check]]
>> type? window
== object!
>> window/type
== face
>> type? window/pane
== block!
>> length? window/pane
== 2
>> type? window/pane/1
== object!
>> window/pane/1/type
== face
>> window/pane/1/style
== panel
>> type? window/pane/1/pane
== block!
>> length? window/pane/1/pane
== 2
>> type? window/pane/1/pane/1
== object!
>> window/pane/1/pane/1/type
== face
>> window/pane/1/pane/1/style
== check etc. You can get and set the value of the first check like this: get-face window/pane/1/pane/1 set-face window/pane/1/pane/1 true The above refers to each face indirectly (relative to its parent face(s)). Depending on what you want to do, it might be better to set some words to point at the checks or panels directly. What are you trying to do with 6 groups of checkboxes? Anton.

 [5/7] from: kpeters:otaksoft at: 19-Sep-2007 20:11

Thanks again, Anton ~ here's what my application does with these groups of checkboxes: Each checkbox group is linked to a set field in a MySQL table of addresses and holds a group of logical attributes for a particular address. The corresponding label captions are read from a layout table and thus the logicals receive their end-user "meaning". So, it might look like this Address is a Address receives --------------------------------------------- Golfer [ ] Newsletter [x] Donor [x] Birthday card [x] Client [ ] AGM invite [x] Retired [ ] Open House invite [ ] and so on. Kai On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 12:56:05 +1000, Anton Rolls wrote:

 [6/7] from: anton::wilddsl::net::au at: 21-Sep-2007 1:30

Hi Kai, This kind of sounds like what you're talking about: data: reduce [ "Golfer" false "Donor" true "Client" false "Retired" false ] set-checkgroup: func [checkgroup data /local val][ foreach [label check] checkgroup/pane [ set reduce [in label 'text in check 'data] data show check data: skip data 2 ] show checkgroup ] window: layout [ across left-panel: panel [ across style label label 150 label check return label check return label check return label check return ] right-panel: panel 150x150 [ across style label label 150 label check return label check return ] button "set" [set-checkgroup left-panel data] ] view window Regards, Anton.

 [7/7] from: kpeters::otaksoft::com at: 20-Sep-2007 11:10

Hi Anton ~ close - because the label captions are read during app. startup and remain static until script is rerun whereas the data changes on a per record basis as the user navigates the address data set - but your function is nevertheless very valuable for showing a few concepts I require. Thanks a lot, Kai On Fri, 21 Sep 2007 01:30:15 +1000, Anton Rolls wrote: