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sending a mail with rebol web browser plugin...

 [1/9] from: e::lauret::ool::fr at: 11-Jun-2005 16:47

i can't send a mail to my address from a web page... the error message is: ** User Error: No network server for smtp is specified ** Near: smtp-port: open [scheme: 'smtp] either only i think, it's a bug, because in a former version of the plugin, it worked... thanks...

 [2/9] from: ammon:johnson:g:mail at: 11-Jun-2005 22:20

It will work in this version too, you just need to specify the smtp server that it should use to send the mail using SET-NET. HTH!! ~~Ammon ;~> On 6/11/05, LAURET Emmanuel <[e--lauret--ool--fr]> wrote:

 [3/9] from: e:lauret:ool at: 12-Jun-2005 14:49

You are all right Ammon !!! I found the problem: rebol.exe was installed on my computer, and %user.r was not configured ! if i use set-net in my plugin script, it doesn't work any more !!! My script's plugin doesn't work on my computer, but it works on another as sender: [user--example--com] ! I think, the plugin doesn't work the same, if you have rebol console installed or not !!! Be carreful ! if you want to try the script, go to .. The script read a page on national geographic site, parse the page to find the photo of the day... But you can choose the photo of another day with comments... thank you Ammon. Sorry for my bad english, i'am french (Réunion Island) !!!

 [4/9] from: ammon:johnson::gmail at: 12-Jun-2005 4:17

The plugin is running on the user's machine and not on the server which means that the email is going to be sent from the user's machine so you either have to allow the user to configure their smtp server and email address or have an email address and smtp server set up to send the email through regardless of where the user is or what machine the script is running on. Having Rebol installed on your machine shouldn't affect the way the plugin works (AFAIK) What do you mean if you use set-net it doesn't work. What doesn't work? I have REBOL installed on my machine and I have an SMTP server set up for it but running your script tells me that no SMTP server is setup. HTH!! ~~Ammon ;~> On 6/12/05, LAURET Emmanuel <[e--lauret--ool--fr]> wrote:

 [5/9] from: e:lauret:ool at: 12-Jun-2005 18:28

Hi, Hammon, Now, the script runs with set-net... In fact, i made an error and i corrected it ! If you want to try again: No smtp message error now, thanks...

 [6/9] from: hallvard:ystad:oops-as:no at: 12-Jun-2005 16:43

Laurent, Here's what I get: ** User Error: Server error: tcp 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of a llowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1) ** Near: insert port reduce data
.... You could do 'set-net outside the "Chercher une photo..." button. Otherwise, I have no suggestions (no time to look at what the script is doing right now...) HY Dixit LAURET Emmanuel (18.28 12.06.2005):

 [7/9] from: ammon:johnson:gm:ail at: 12-Jun-2005 9:38

Hi, again, I'd try it again but I can't read french so I just have to guess at what the interface is trying to allow me to do. :-( It looks like, from Hallvard's error, that the smtp server you are using is limiting what mail servers it will send to so you may want to find a little more lenient mail server if you'd like everyone to be able to use your script... HTH!! ~~Ammon ;~> On 6/12/05, LAURET Emmanuel <[e--lauret--ool--fr]> wrote:

 [8/9] from: e:lauret:ool at: 12-Jun-2005 21:55

i tried with a yahoo smtp, but it doesn't work !!! ;) the page is in english now... ~~Manu~~

 [9/9] from: hallvard:ystad:oops-as:no at: 12-Jun-2005 23:09

Emmanuel, You are aware of 'request-date, I hope? I tried to request a photo from february 31st 2005, but didn't get any error message. 'request-date would prevent that. Anyway, this is clearly an smtp problem. I tried to comment out the 'send line, and everything worked fine. I tried to replace your smtp server with another that I know works, and everything works fine. So the problem is HY Dixit LAURET Emmanuel (21.55 12.06.2005):