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Newbie question

 [1/9] from: kpeters-vu::ware::com at: 13-Nov-2005 11:43

Hi list ~ much to my surprise I have a hard time finding a way to test for the existence of a word (so that I won't load a code file again)... WORD? looked really promising until I tried it... The code files is not under my control, so I cannot just set a certain word to a certain value or such. Thanks for any help, Kai

 [2/9] from: lmecir:mbox:vol:cz at: 13-Nov-2005 21:34

Kai Peters napsal(a):
>Hi list ~ >much to my surprise I have a hard time finding a way to test for the
<<quoted lines omitted: 4>>
>Thanks for any help, >Kai
You mean something like: value? 'a-word ? -L

 [3/9] from: kpeters-vu:ware at: 13-Nov-2005 13:05

Exactly -= thanks! On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 21:34:13 +0100,LadislavMecir wrote:

 [4/9] from: riccay:comparholdings at: 17-Feb-2006 10:06

I'm having difficulties emailing an ntbackup log. Here is what I receive. File: //Documents and Settings/Inver/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Windows NT/NTBackup/data/backup02.log =FF=FEB Below is what I should be receiving. Backup Status Operation: Backup Active backup destination: File Media name: "Outlook.bkf created 8/02/2006 at 12:22 PM" Backup (via shadow copy) of "C: " Backup set #8 on media #1 Backup description: "Set created 1/02/2006 at 12:21 PM" Media name: "Outlook.bkf created 1/02/2006 at 12:22 PM" Backup Type: Normal Backup started on 8/02/2006 at 12:22 PM. Backup completed on 8/02/2006 at 12:24 PM. Directories: 1043 Files: 1 Bytes: 536,605,128 Time: 1 minute and 25 seconds ---------------------- Here's the snippet of code I'm using. file: %"//Documents and Settings/Inver/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Windows NT/NTBackup/data/backup02.log" send reform [ "File:" file newline newline read file ] halt Any help greatly appreciated.

 [5/9] from: riccay:comparholdings at: 17-Feb-2006 10:15

Of course the email stripped the high ascii characters changing them to =FF=FEB Riccay

 [6/9] from: anton:wilddsl:au at: 17-Feb-2006 11:51

Hi Riccay, I would check what it is that you are sending before you send it. Try insert a PROBE just before your REFORM, eg: send you-email probe reform [... That should narrow it down a bit. But I was unable to reproduce the problem. Maybe something weird is happening with the email server? What happens if you change the body text to something simpler ? Anton.

 [7/9] from: riccay:comparholdings at: 17-Feb-2006 15:10

Thanks for the suggestions Anton. When I run probe it shows this: 2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-1^- ^-P^-M^-"^- ^- ^-M^-e^-d^-i^-a^- ^-n^-a^-m^-e^-:^- ^-"^-O^-u^-t^-l^-o^-o^-k^-.^-b^-k^-f^- ^-c^-r^-e^-a^-t^-e^-d^- ^-1^-/^-0^-2^-/^- 2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-2^- ^-P^-M^-"^- ^- ^- ^- ^-B^-a^-c^-k^-u^-p^- ^-T^-y^-p^-e^-:^- ^-N^-o^-r^-m^-a^-l^- ^- ^- ^- ^-B^-a^-c^-k^-u^-p^- ^-s^-t^-a^-r^-t^-e^-d^- ^-o^-n^- ^-1^-5^-/^-0^-2^-/^-2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-2^- ^- P^-M^-.^- ^- ^-W^-a^-r^-n^-i^-n^-g^-:^- ^-U^-n^-a^-b^-l^-e^- ^-t^-o^- ^-o^-p^-e^-n^- ^-"^-C^-:^-\^-W^-I^-N^-D^-O^-W^-S^-\^-o^-u^- t^-l^-o^-o^-k^-.^-p^-s^-t^-"^- ^--^- ^-s^-k^-i^-p^-p^-e^-d^-.^- ^- ^- ^-R^-e^-a^-s^-o^-n^-:^- ^-T^-h^-e^- ^-p^-r^-o^-c^-e^-s^-s^- ^-c^-a^-n^-n^-o^-t^- ^-a^-c^-c^-e^-s^-s^- ^-t^-h^-e^- ^- f^-i^-l^-e^- ^-b^-e^-c^-a^-u^-s^-e^- ^-i^-t^- ^-i^-s^- ^-b^-e^-i^-n^-g^- ^-u^-s^-e^-d^- ^-b^-y^- ^-a^-n^-o^-t^-h^-e^ -r^- ^-p^-r^-o^-c^-e^-s^-s^-.^- If open a backup log and save it the problem still occurs but if I save the text to a new file it works fine. Non backup log text files work fine. I'm going to try it on a different PC since you couldn't recreate the problem. Email client is Outlook 2003 running on Win XP sp2.

 [8/9] from: Izkata:Comcast at: 16-Feb-2006 22:27

Hmm.... Perhaps it's returning Unicode?
>> X: {2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-1^- ^-P^-M^-"^-
{ ^- { ^-M^-e^-d^-i^-a^- ^-n^-a^-m^-e^-:^- ^-"^-O^-u^-t^-l^-o^-o^-k^-.^-b^-k^-f^- { ^-c^-r^-e^-a^-t^-e^-d^- ^-1^-/^-0^-2^-/^- { 2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-2^- ^-P^-M^-"^- { ^- { ^- { ^- { ^-B^-a^-c^-k^-u^-p^- ^-T^-y^-p^-e^-:^- ^-N^-o^-r^-m^-a^-l^- { ^- { ^- { ^- { ^-B^-a^-c^-k^-u^-p^- ^-s^-t^-a^-r^-t^-e^-d^- ^-o^-n^- { ^-1^-5^-/^-0^-2^-/^-2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-2^- ^- { P^-M^-.^- { ^- { ^-W^-a^-r^-n^-i^-n^-g^-:^- ^-U^-n^-a^-b^-l^-e^- ^-t^-o^- ^-o^-p^-e^-n^- { ^-"^-C^-:^-\^-W^-I^-N^-D^-O^-W^-S^-\^-o^-u^- { t^-l^-o^-o^-k^-.^-p^-s^-t^-"^- ^--^- ^-s^-k^-i^-p^-p^-e^-d^-.^- ^- { ^- { ^-R^-e^-a^-s^-o^-n^-:^- ^-T^-h^-e^- ^-p^-r^-o^-c^-e^-s^-s^- { ^-c^-a^-n^-n^-o^-t^- ^-a^-c^-c^-e^-s^-s^- ^-t^-h^-e^- ^- { f^-i^-l^-e^- ^-b^-e^-c^-a^-u^-s^-e^- ^-i^-t^- ^-i^-s^- ^-b^-e^-i^-n^-g^- { ^-u^-s^-e^-d^- ^-b^-y^- ^-a^-n^-o^-t^-h^-e^ { -r^- ^-p^-r^-o^-c^-e^-s^-s^-.^-} == {2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-1^- ^-P^-M^-"^- ^- ^-M^-e^-d^-i^-a^- ^-n^-a^-m^-e^-:^- ^-"^-O^-u^-t^-l^-o^-o^-k^-.^-b^-k^-f...
>> print replace/all X {^-} {}
{2006 at 12:21 PM" Media name: "Outlook.bkf created 1/02/ 2006 at 12:22 PM" Backup Type: Normal Backup started on 15/02/2006 at 12:22 PM. Warning: Unable to open C:\WINDOWS\ou tlook.pst - skipped. Reason: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by anothe -r process. }

 [9/9] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 17-Feb-2006 9:46

Hi Riccay, RS> When I run probe it shows this: RS> 2^-0^-0^-6^- ^-a^-t^- ^-1^-2^-:^-2^-1^- ^-P^-M^-"^-... Izzy is right, it's Unicode. A cheap way to clean it up (assuming you know there aren't any true Unicode chars in there) is: trim/with data "^-" Just strips all the nulls. -- Gregg

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