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Parse introduction tutorial thingy

 [1/5] from: arolls::idatam::com::au at: 8-Nov-2001 16:38

It looks quite good Brett. I reckon the use of Find-result in the following code is a bit confusing: Input: "dog" If Find-result: Find/match input "fox" [ Input: find-result ] Tail? Input I suggest rename 'Find-result to 'position, or 'pos. Input: "dog" If position: Find/match input "fox" [ Input: position ] Tail? Input Find-result sounds too much like a function, but I might be nit-picking. You might want to explain what find/match is doing at this point. In defending "ordinary scripting", I just noticed that you are also setting 'input, which is a built-in value. (I don't think it's bad, maybe it's better to point it out, though.) My defence follows:-) Your version:
>> input: "dog"
== "dog"
>> parse input ["dog" | "cat" | "bird"]
== true My version: input: "dog" foreach animal ["dog" "cat" "bird"][ if found? p: find/match input animal [input: p break] ] tail? input Damn, parse is too powerful for me. That was interesting though. I wonder if there is a more concise way (without using parse, that is:). Spelling errors: Let's say you only want to check that you input contains ... should be -> "your input contains" lets should be -> "let's" short for "lettuce", ah silly me, of course I mean "tomato"... Sometime we really couldn't care less what lies ... should be -> "Sometimes" What are message? should be -> "messages" Grammer: Now parse can this directly as a pattern matching instruction No it can't... :) "can do"? Overall I think it is a very good document. It is structured well with clear sections. Regards, Anton.

 [2/5] from: brett:codeconscious at: 9-Nov-2001 2:54

Thanks Anton. I'll make the changes in the next few days. Especially the input one - gee whiz I keep forgetting about that function... Brett.

 [3/5] from: brett:codeconscious at: 7-Nov-2001 3:35

I've been meaning to update my parse tutorial for some time. Now I have. It is only first draft though and I've barely just finished typing it all in so I'd appreciate comments on whether people find it useful or not. For those that have been using parse for a while I sincerely doubt you'll find anything ground shaking. In fact you would probably hate me if I asked you to read through it all. For those in the process of learning parse, the target audience, it may provide a fresh point of view. I don't know really. Let me know if I should rewrite it yet again :-) Thanks Brett.

 [4/5] from: hallvard:ystad:helpinhand at: 7-Nov-2001 10:12

I still consider myself a novice with 'parse, so I'll read it. A very first comment would be that the sentence "A simple example would be to check that a post code." seems incomplete. ~H Brett Handley skrev (Tuesday 06.11.2001, kl. 17.35):

 [5/5] from: brett:codeconscious at: 7-Nov-2001 21:25

Thanks Hallvard. I'll look forward to: parse response [ any comments ] == true Brett.