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QNX RTP Beta Released

 [1/6] from: paul::may::mcmail::com at: 27-Sep-2000 7:49

Carl, did you get my email about getting /core into the RTP Repository format and Dan at QSSL offering to include it in this first release ?, it looks like its not there yet 8( , any sign of /view for RTP yet ?. by all accounts this RTP Beta release has so many people download it that it took out the secondary download site, that being some vast Tucows servers (the first being qssl`s new server farm), shame REBOL didnt get in there with /core /view, as i had hinted that this MASSIVE exposure would have been good for any products getting into the repository. theres still time to get it there for the slow end users that dont know about RTP yet, but i`d advise your quick about it. i also notice that no REBOL banners have gone to the Phx partner site even though, again i told you they are taking any Phx members add`s/banners for free, again shame as many, perhaps most people that have downloaded the RTP beta have/are found/finding their way to that web site, arr well, i tryed 8( ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "Debbie Kane" <[debbie--qnx--com]> Subject: QNX RtP Press Release - September 26, 2000 ESC Show, SAN JOSE Date: 26 Sep 2000 16:43:28 GMT Developers Can Now Get QNX® for Free FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN JOSE, ESC Show, September 26, 2000 - The moment eagerly awaited by over 45,000 pre-registered developers and enthusiasts is here: This morning, QNX Software Systems officially released the QNX realtime platform on Starting immediately, anyone can download the entire platform for evaluation, prototyping, personal use, or other non-commercial purposes at no charge. Today marks two firsts in the embedded industry, said QNX CTO Dan Dodge. To begin with, the QNX realtime platform is the only solution to combine the reliability, speed, and small footprint of an RTOS with all the benefits of a platform OS: low cost of entry, friendly self-hosted environment, plus tools and POSIX APIs familiar to thousands of developers. Second, QNX is the only major OS vendor to give away its entire technology suite free to anyone who wants it for non-commercial purposes. The new Get QNXT program will make it much easier for developers to join the fast-growing QNX community, and much easier for our OEM customers to leverage a large base of knowledgeable developers." A Complete Distribution The free download is a complete, fully functional distribution of the QNX realtime platform. It includes the full suite of QNX OS modules (microkernel, file systems, networking, etc.), a GNU toolchain, a code-generating application builder, the Photon microGUI® windowing system, Internet and multimedia applications, hundreds of utilities, plus source code for many applications, drivers, and libraries. Third Parties Get with the Program The free download also includes a variety of software from third-party vendors, including: Glide 3D API from 3dfx, scalable fonts from Bitstream, ICA client from Citrix, RenderWare 3D toolkit from Criterion, Quake III Arena demo from id Software, Flash Player from Macromedia, and RealPlayer from RealNetworks. Partners Join in Several of QNX's key alliances have also joined in, by serving as active members of the platform's beta program. According to Jim Colson, lead architect for appliance software at IBM's Pervasive Computing Division, With its POSIX APIs, open architecture, and rich multimedia capabilities, the QNX realtime platform will serve as an excellent development environment for the emerging Internet appliance market. Furthermore, it will enable developers to build reusable, standards-based, and network-deployable components that can run on various devices, including mobile phones, PDAs, Internet-enabled vehicles, set-top boxes, and residential gateways. Productivity First Dan Dodge explained the QNX realtime platform was designed with one overriding goal: to significantly improve the productivity of embedded developers. "Besides providing immediate access to a complete OS and suite of development tools, the QNX realtime platform offers extensive memory protection to speed up debugging, POSIX and Linux APIs so developers can leverage existing code, and, most importantly, a self-hosted environment that eliminates the need to build a separate target system developers can develop, debug, and test embedded applications right on their PCs." Modular Packaging, Easy Installation The QNX realtime platform auto-detects a PC's hardware, making installation a snap. Plus, it can be installed on an existing Windows system no need to create a separate partition. The download itself comes in distinct packages that the developer can pick and choose from, using a convenient package installer. This modular approach makes for faster downloads and simplifies the process of installing new or upgraded components. Once the platform is installed, the developer can visit the QNX Developers Network (, a web site filled with useful services, including a searchable knowledge base, FAQs, bug reporting, and more. Plus, the QDN contains a public newsgroup where anyone can discuss the QNX realtime platform, ask questions, and help others. CD Available The noncommercial version of the QNX realtime platform is also available on CD, for US $29.95. To order the CD, visit ISV Program in the Works QNX also announced it will launch a special program for independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to develop applications for the QNX realtime platform. The program, to be unveiled later this Fall, will include special discounts on commercial development licenses. About QNX Software Systems Founded in 1980, QNX Software Systems is the industry leader in realtime, microkernel OS technology. The company has established a strong customer base in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, consumer electronics, transportation, medical instrumentation, process control, and point-of-sale. QNX products are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. Visit Editorial Contacts Paul Leroux QNX Corporate Communications Tel: +1 613 591-0931 Email: [paull--qnx--com] Matthias Stumpf QNX Germany Tel: +49 (0) 511 94091-0 Email: [mstumpf--qnx--de] -- Paul May, Manchester, UK Team *Phoenix* Core

 [2/6] from: allen:rebolforces at: 28-Sep-2000 7:46

Hi Paul, A very fine OS release. I'm very impressed with it. Python and Perl are on the CD image, it is a pity REBOL didn't get onto it too. I see there is a REBOL/core version for RTP on the xpers page. . I guess it needs to be in the package format? I hope your message here, prompts RT to take up your offer.. Cheers, Allen K (My only disapointment with the OS is that it doesn't support internal win-modem, so I can't browse with it or get the extra packages from the site. The same modem does work with the Lucent driver in BeOS though.)

 [3/6] from: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 28-Sep-2000 2:06

----- Original Message ----- From: <[allen--rebolforces--com]> To: <[list--rebol--com]> Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 11:46 PM Subject: [REBOL] QNX RTP Beta Released Re:
> Hi Paul, > A very fine OS release. I'm very impressed with it.
<<quoted lines omitted: 8>>
> win-modem, so I can't browse with it or get the extra packages from the > site. The same modem does work with the Lucent driver in BeOS though.)
AFAIK The support for Winmodem is coming .... -pekr-

 [4/6] from: rishi:picostar at: 27-Sep-2000 18:13

Yes, I also hope rebol/view comes to qnx rtp since that is what I now use... Rishi Previously, you ([allen--rebolforces--com]) wrote:

 [5/6] from: g:santilli:tiscalinet:it at: 28-Sep-2000 11:10

[rishi--picostar--com] wrote:
> Yes, I also hope rebol/view comes to qnx rtp since that is what I now use...
It has to be noted that Photon supports X-based applications, so a port should be a few hours issue fo RT. I *REALLY* hope they're going to do it soon, as I'd like to switch to QNX as soon as I get it working on this laptop (I'll need to write drivers...), or I buy a desktop PC (I'm still using my old A1200 as my desktop machine, but it surely needs to rest, and now that there's a good OS available for PCs...). Regards, Gabriele. -- Gabriele Santilli <[giesse--writeme--com]> - Amigan - REBOL programmer Amiga Group Italia sez. L'Aquila --

 [6/6] from: news:ted:husted at: 28-Sep-2000 10:38

On 9/28/2000 at 7:46 AM [allen--rebolforces--com] wrote:
> Python and Perl are on the CD image, it is a pity REBOL didn't get
onto it too Or the latest Red Hat and Debian distributions, for that matter. -Ted.

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