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 [1/15] from: james:mustard at: 2-Jul-2007 0:01

RebTower, a strategy card game inspired by the Magic The Gathering original card game, has been released. This is still a work in progress but is currently fully playable (some art is missing and the help file..) You can download it here: The basic premise of the game is to strategically play the cards you are dealt so as to keep your tower alive while destroying your opponents. In the default deck provided with the game it is set in a fantasy realm - there is nothing to stop people from creating their own ones like sci fi / modern day etc. (See the readme.txt and look at the starter-deck.txt and template.txt files for inspiration) Game play: # You are provided with 3 types of resource generator (crystal mines / forests / gold mines) # These generate stockpiles of energy, wood and gold respectively for you. # These stockpiles are used to activate cards in your hand (which depletes them according to the cost indicated on the card). # Cards in your hand may also have a duration - in this case they go into a stack by your resources and continue to affect the game until their turn timer runs out. By playing your cards carefully and planning ahead you will hopefully beat the computer more than not ;) Regards, James.

 [2/15] from: james::mustard::co::nz at: 2-Jul-2007 0:04

I also forgot to mention - left click to select a card - it will zoom to large size then if you want to play it - right click on it. Left clicking a selected card will shrink it back down. To discard a card right click on it in its normal sized mode. Sometimes all your cards will be transparent - this means you cannot afford the cost associated with them - right click on one to discard it. Hope that helps :)

 [3/15] from: charles::jwavro::com at: 1-Jul-2007 10:51

Fun! I'd like to see a log of what cards have been played too :). Charlie James Marsden wrote:

 [4/15] from: moliad:gma:il at: 3-Jul-2007 14:41

the game is really nice ! we must SEE what the computer plays though... maybe with an optional click of the mouse to see the effects of its cards as they are applied... if only to understand the game while learning it... -MAx On 7/1/07, Charles <> wrote:

 [5/15] from: moliad::gmail::com at: 3-Jul-2007 15:25

must say it... this is one of the cleanest rebol games out there. the type of game that feels like it was done in flash... hum, well... I guess pekr understands what I mean ;-). -MAx On 7/3/07, Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch <> wrote:

 [6/15] from: james::mustard::co::nz at: 4-Jul-2007 13:47

RebTower 0.0.7 has been released. - All art is now completed. - Card Builder is included with this release so you can make/modify your own cards. - Added turn pause mode so you can get a better look at the cards the computer plays. Get it at: (657kb) Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch wrote:

 [7/15] from: james::mustard::co::nz at: 4-Jul-2007 14:53

RebTower 0.0.8 - bugfix for turn-pause on winning. (for full) or for update (from 0.0.7 only!).

 [8/15] from: james:mustard at: 4-Jul-2007 23:22

RebTower 0.0.9 - bugfix for infinite loop when ending game on an extra turn card. (for full - 657kb) or (for update from versions 0.0.7 and higher - 24kb) James Marsden wrote:

 [9/15] from: james::mustard::co::nz at: 5-Jul-2007 0:03

RebTower 0.1.0 - added spacebar toggle to turn mode after accidentally turning it off on 0.0.9 ;-) From now on the latest versions will always be found at the addresses below (its relatively stable now). (for full - 657kb) or (for update from versions 0.0.7 and higher - 24kb) This will be the last RebTower release for a little while as I am going on holiday :-)

 [10/15] from: moliad::gmail::com at: 4-Jul-2007 11:33

here are 3 suggestions for things I'd add (after playing far too much of rebtower for my own sake ;-): 1) Being able to view (scale up) the cards which are persistent...just like looking at the cards in your hand. this is especially true for the computer player for which we can only guess at which are the cards in play sometimes... 2) choosing Which card the dispel magic affects (from several persistent cards). 3) being able to simply pass a turn... (especially after playing a card with extra turn). otherwise, sometimes we end up needing to discard cards which we really don't want to, often, the resources being all that is needed to play them. I repeat it though... VERY nice work James. -MAx On 7/4/07, James Marsden <> wrote:

 [11/15] from: james::mustard::co::nz at: 7-Jul-2007 14:44

RebTower 0.1.3 released. Changes: # Fixed transparency issues with played cards - sometimes cards in play were turning transparent after being used. # Stacks now zoomable - left click on a stack to zoom it up to full size (same as for normal cards) # All new PLAYBACK MODE. (Press p to check out all the stages of a completed round) Playback Mode lets you view any completed round and walk through the stages of the round from cards being dealt to resource calculations. This will be useful for people who wish to find out new ways to beat the computer ;) Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (34kb)

 [12/15] from: james:mustard at: 10-Jul-2007 0:06

RebTower 0.1.5 - small fix to stop player/ai loops using 100% cpu - thanks doc ;) Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (34kb)

 [13/15] from: moliad::gmail at: 9-Jul-2007 11:49

yippe :-) -MAx On 7/6/07, James Marsden <> wrote:

 [14/15] from: james:mustard at: 10-Jul-2007 12:26

RebTower 0.1.5 - small fix to stop player/ai loops using 100% cpu - thanks doc ;) Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (34kb)

 [15/15] from: james:mustard at: 12-Jul-2007 10:50

RebTower 0.1.6 Released # few minor bug fixes # added maximum limits to Resources (9), Stockpiles (999), Tower(100), Walls(100). Full version: (661kb) Update version (from 0.0.7 upwards): (37kb)