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Email setup problems.....???

 [1/6] from: staypufd:mac at: 1-Oct-2002 19:15

I have this in my user.r file:
> REBOL [ > Title: "User Preferences"
<<quoted lines omitted: 6>>
> none > none ]
When I try to send an email, I get the following error:
>>> send [staypufd--mac--com] "test" > connecting to: > ** User Error: Server error: tcp 530 delivery not allowed, try authenticating > ** Near: insert port reduce data
My email server does require a password, but I can't seem to figure out how to set the password using the "set-net" command. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, -- Sam Griffith Jr. email: [staypufd--mac--com] Web site:

 [2/6] from: chalz:earthlink at: 1-Oct-2002 21:02

For SMTP, you will want to use the SMTP or mail server for your dialup or cable ISP. If is your dialup or cable ISP, then... someone else should check into this. ;)

 [3/6] from: brett:codeconscious at: 2-Oct-2002 12:24

Some servers require that you read from your mailbox before you try to send anything. In this way you are authenticated (because normally only reading requires a password). If you have a relatively clear mailbox try: your-emails: READ your-accountnamehere:[yourpasswordhere--mail--mac--com] This statement will not delete anything from your mailbox (but the server may mark them as read). If you know your mailbox is pretty full and you don't want to download everything then consult the user guide to see how to just login, get a list and logout. (note the colon between the account name and password). Then try your SEND. I cannot remember if REBOL has something built-in to do this automatically for you. Regards, Brett.

 [4/6] from: andy:flyingcat at: 1-Oct-2002 22:43

A 530 error sounds like an SMTP security error, a request to negotiate a Transport Level Security connection. In another email Brett mentioned the "read mailbox before send" possibility. If that works, then you're set. Otherwise, I did see a mention of another possibility on a rebol page...( ) After opening a port with ssl:// or tls:// the SSL/TLS protocols are NOT negotiated automatically. Initially the port sets up the physical TCP connection only. In order to initiate the SSL/TLS negotiation use the following call after opening the port: set-modes port [secure: true] After this call returns all subsequent data exchanged through the port is sent in SSL/TLS-encrypted form --- Now, I'm not quite sure exactly what you do at this point; possibly you can find the smtp port opened, and put in into secure mode. Andy

 [5/6] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 1-Oct-2002 21:00

Hi Sam, When I had an account that required authentication, I use Scott Jones' esend and esmtp scripts, which worked perfectly for me. --Gregg

 [6/6] from: rotenca::telvia::it at: 2-Oct-2002 11:54

Hi Sam,
> My email server does require a password, but I can't seem to figure out how > to set the password using the "set-net" command.
I think you must set it in the url name, this is the general struct for schemes like FTP, HTML and so on, from Core: scheme://user:[pass--host] --- Ciao Romano

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