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More REBOL/Zine

 [1/6] from: jeff:rebol at: 8-Jun-2001 8:46

Subscription problems: Phew.. okay, so sorry about the dopey dns check, was just over zealous while putting together the little subscriber bot. I authenticated anyone who was in the unauthenticated list previously, so if you entered your stuff last night, no need to go back and enter the code. I only put that code system in there as a precaution to keep people from abusing the system. Petr suggests that there are other existing projects that should be worked on instead: True. I'm just usually swamped with work, but one thing that really motivates me is a deadline. With the Zine, the presses will roll on Friday at say 9:00pm US-Pacific, so that way you European folks can read it over morning coffee. :-) I just want to get something simple going. My experience is the larger the scope of a grassroots effort, the harder it is to get going and the easier it is for people to wander off (and I'm just as bad as the next guy there). The Zine is small in scope. Portals are hard, but a Zine should be easy. Just take in articles (for now, we can forego thorough proofreading), and periodically blast them out and archive the old ones. Once the episodes start getting out, the inertia can help carry us over into bigger things. I just like the format of articles and think all good communities have a good zine, so there you go. Either way, I'm going to write one or two article per week for the Zine, and hope others will too. The theme to it all is simplicity-- Carl Read pointed out that programmers aren't motivated to do topical pieces generally. So this provides the venue. People can describe in detail home automation systems they've built using REBOL, or other projects, etc. That kind of topical writing doesn't spontaneously happen on a mailing list where things are more conversational. The article format requires that the writer develop a complete stand alone peice about a topic. Anyhow-- you know all this as a reporter for the Czech Amiga news, aye? The other thing is I hope it could also serve as a venue for non english speakers because as we see the mailinglist is usually all English. Okay... so enough ranting and raving. Format and ideas: I like the insider's look at REBOL Tech. No one says it has to be non-fiction, though, right? :-) I would like to develop these articles for the first episode: 1. REBOL puzzles & idioms 2. Some of the neat uses I've found for REBOL/Command I think Puzzels & Idioms should be a regular column. Okay, I'll make sure Mr. Sassenrath, Mr. Kruse and Mr Sterling all provide me with some kind of chicken scrawlings. Add in the multi-megabytes of other contributions and we'll have ourselves a fine, new and shiny zine-- you'll just have to imagine the glossy paper. (-: -jeff

 [2/6] from: gchiu:compkarori at: 9-Jun-2001 9:08

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 8:46:52 -0700 Jeff Kreis <[jeff--rebol--net]> wrote:
> bot. I authenticated anyone who was in the > unauthenticated > list previously, so if you entered your stuff last > night, no > need to go back and enter the code. I only put that
Oh, so that's why it said that I was already subscribed :-) Suggestion: Lots of us are spoilt by have urls sent back that include the authentication codes so that we don't have to cut'n'paste. I guess it's then just a question of checking for GET as well as POST in your authentication script. -- Graham Chiu

 [3/6] from: jeff:rebol at: 8-Jun-2001 15:08

Right-- you bet. Added that feature and corrected one spelling error -- (Actually, all it does now is GET.) So, I just used the sent link and since I don't use an HTML mailer I just copied the link into a shell window real quick and authorized using wget. :-) Good suggestion. System was just scrapped together real quick as a place for people para poner los nombres. I feel the momentum starting already and many people have sent me mails about articles they hope to provide and signed up in the bot -- like maybe 30 or more already. This is going to be a whole lot of fun! I've already got the workings of one peice put together and I'll get some more before the presses roll 15-Jun-2001 9pm! (: -jeff P.S. Graham: Send me an article!! :-)

 [4/6] from: gchiu:compkarori at: 9-Jun-2001 13:25

> P.S. Graham: Send me an article!! :-)
Done :-) -- Graham Chiu

 [5/6] from: d95-mjo:nada:kth:se at: 9-Jun-2001 7:37

Here's another (obvious maybe :-) suggestion: wouldn't it be nice to have a REBOL script in the zine authorization mail so you can just 'do the mail to authorize, for everyone that reads their mail in a REBOL enabled mail client? ;-) I guess a little bit of copying and pasting is ok though. /Martin Johannesson, [d95-mjo--nada--kth--se] On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Jeff Kreis wrote:

 [6/6] from: louisaturk:eudoramail at: 15-Jun-2001 15:29

Wow. It is time for the first issue! How do I subscribe? Louis At 03:08 PM 6/8/2001 -0700, you wrote: