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What changes when a 'radio is "on"?

 [1/6] from: reboler:programmer at: 21-Dec-2001 2:47

Many VID faces change their /state when they are pressed/checked. The 'radio doesn't seem to. What does change when a 'radio is "on"

 [2/6] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 20-Dec-2001 12:50

Hi Alan, << What does change when a 'radio is "on" >> Looks like /data maybe. view layout [ r1: radio [print [r1/data r2/data]] r2: radio [print [r1/data r2/data]] ] --Gregg

 [3/6] from: james:mustard at: 21-Dec-2001 9:37

Heh, RT could learn a good lesson from Microsoft VB here and have a value field for each data providing widget. This would aid in consistency and help develop a better standard :) rather than picked, state, data.. etc.. James.

 [4/6] from: nitsch-lists:netcologne at: 21-Dec-2001 3:23

RE: [REBOL] Re: What changes when a 'radio is "on"? usually face/data is the first place to show. but then, something like face/text makes more sense, and what should text-list/data mean, the data in the list or the picked thing? for me i would like better console-docu, something like a face/usage similar to function-comments. and a face-help macro using get-style. -Volker [james--mustard--co--nz] wrote:

 [5/6] from: arolls:idatam:au at: 21-Dec-2001 20:24

No, it is consistent, in my opinion, excellently so. You notice that the radio buttons change their data as soon as you click down on them, so they don't need two visual states at the moment (ie. simple) If and when they are enhanced, or when somebody chooses to make their own, they can use the state attribute to control visual state, just as in the button style. This would mean that the user would have to click and release the mouse in the hit-region (just like MS radio buttons) to get the data change. Comprende? Regards, Anton.

 [6/6] from: rebol:optushome:au at: 22-Dec-2001 4:12

> > Heh, RT could learn a good lesson from Microsoft VB here and > > have a value
<<quoted lines omitted: 3>>
> > > > rather than picked, state, data.. etc..
VB Consistent? Oh you must mean like the interchange of "caption" and "text" for the text element of various controls in VB. :-) Cheers, Allen K How can I find out the value of a checkbox?

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