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[REBOL] Inform Window

From: info::id-net::ch at: 3-Apr-2002 18:03

Hi ! I'm trying to make new inform window without the exit X button on the top right, because i don't know how to trap the behavior when it's done (the request/ok window produce a "none" when the window is closed but not the inform window) So I produced a window composed by a make face box and in the pane of this face a layout. The result is a inform window with a little blue box where the title of the window is displayed and the rest is a layout (like it's done when you make a inform box). I got 2 problems: 1) when i remove the /new raffinement of view (line 89: button "Dialogue 2" [view/new/options dialog-new [no-title no-border] ] i can move the inform window but not when the /new raffinement is present. 2) The appereance of a Inform Window stop the code of running, waiting on a user's behavior. How Can I make that ? Try the code below. It's based on a old code found on the net. REBOL [ Title: "Dialog Box" File: %dialog.r Date: 20-May-2000 Purpose: { Pops up a dialog requestor that displays a message and waits for the user to click a button. } Category: [view VID 1] ] move-it: func [pos] [ pos: pos + 250x250 return pos ] centré: system/view/screen-face/size centré/x: system/view/screen-face/size/x / 2 centré/y: system/view/screen-face/size/y / 2 print centré ;obj/offset: max 0x0 face/size - obj/size / 2 + face/offset bonbon: layout [button "salut"] dialog-deux: make face [ size: 400x400 offset: 300x300 pane: bonbon ] dialog-new: make face [ size: 400x200 offset: 1x1 color: 212.212.212 Effect: [gradient 1x1 0.8.132 14.129.207] text: "Alert Window" font: make font [color: white style: [bold]] edge: make edge [effect: 'bevel ] pane: make face [ size: 0x0 offset: 0x0 color: 212.212.212 edge: none ] feel: make feel [ engage: func [face action event] [ if action = 'down [ face/data: event/offset ] if find [over away] action [ face/offset: face/offset + event/offset - face/data ] show face ] ];feel ] ; dialog-new size2: make pair! 0 0 size2/x: dialog-new/size/x / 2 size2/y: dialog-new/size/y / 2 dialog-new/offset: centré - size2 dialog-new/pane/offset: 0x18 dialog-new/pane/size: dialog-new/size - 1x18 size-lo: dialog-new/pane/size offset-lo: dialog-new/pane/offset ddd: layout/offset/size [ backdrop 212.212.212 button "Unview/only" [unview/only dialog-new] text "jdsfjakdjf" radio ] offset-lo size-lo dialog-new/pane: ddd view layout [ backdrop effect [gradient 0.100.0 0.0.0] title white "Example" button "Click for Dialog" [inform dialog] button "Dialogue 2" [view/new/options dialog-new [no-title no-border] ] ;button "dialogue 3" [view/new/options dialog-deux [no-title no-border]] button "Quit" [quit] box 200x200 orange ] Philippe