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[REBOL] lp/R

From: sqlab::gmx::net at: 26-Jul-2001 15:40

From the series What the Rebol world does not need. another protocol handler. lp/R offers a simple way for Non/Pro users to send jobs to line printer demons for printing and formatting (and gives in conjunction with lpd-win from Gernot Zander command and shell access). There are some possible problems of usage. If more than one running Rebol instance sends jobs to lpd, they should be started from different directories (last jobnumber is stored in the file %jobnro.lpr) and should not send to the same lpd queue, as this can create equal job names overwriting a former job. According the RFCs 1179 a lpd command should be terminated by LF, but during my tests most Unix lpdemons wanted CR LF, before giving back the reply. More modes of operation (primarily a matter of the lpd) can be supported by adding lines in the control block after either port/init-vector: select [ as cif [#"c" ] dvi [#"d" ] plot [#"g" ] raster [#"v" ] As this protocol is not heavily tested, I would like to get some feedback. AR REBOL [title: "lp/R" date: 26-July-2001 Author: "Anton Reisacher" Email: [sqlab--gmx--net] File: %lp.r Version: 1.0 Description: {line printer (lpr) client } Usage: {write lpr://[username--hostname]/queuename read %file sends a job to the host into the queue, that belongs to the user. read lpr://..... reads the status default mode of operation is plain text, if you want to use different modes, you can use /custom .... [post] for postscript or [leave] leaving the job data unaltered by the host. It is recommended that you use [leave] for jobs already formatted for the printer, especially in the windows world. } Category: 'net ] make root-protocol [ scheme: 'lpr port-id: 515 port-flags: system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru jobs: 0 space: #" " zero: "^@" dfa: "dfa" print-job: ["^A" port/target newline] receive-job: ["^B" port/target newline] queue-status: ["^D" port/target space port/user newline] ; receive-control: ["^B" (form port/state/num: length? port/local-service) space "cfa" port/last-remote-service system/network/host newline] receive-data: ["^C" (form port/state/num: length? port/user-data) space dfa port/last-remote-service system/network/host newline] control: [#"H" system/network/host newline #"P" port/user newline #"U" dfa port/last-remote-service system/network/host newline either port/init-vector: select [ plain [#"f"] leave [#"l"] post [#"o"] ] port/state/custom [port/init-vector] [#"f"] dfa port/last-remote-service system/network/host newline ] jobnro: func [/local tmp] [ save %jobnro.lpr jobs: jobs + 1 at tail join system/words/copy/part "000" 3 - length? form jobs jobs -3 ] send-command: func [port command [block!]] [ bind command 'port command: join first command next command system/words/insert port/sub-port net-utils/net-log command reply port ] send-data: func [port data [string!] len /local sendlen] [ system/words/insert tail data zero net-utils/net-log [len "Bytes sending"] while [ not empty? data: at data 1 + sendlen: write-io port/sub-port data len ] [ net-utils/net-log ["low level write of " sendlen "bytes"] if sendlen < 1 [throw make error! "Write-Error"] len: len - sendlen ] reply port ] reply: func [port /local reply temp] [ reply: make string! 130 read-io port/sub-port reply 128 if "^@" <> net-utils/net-log reply [throw make error! "ReplyError"] reply ] open: func [port [port! url!] ] [ open-proto port port/state/flags: port/state/flags or system/standard/port-flags/direct port/sub-port/state/flags: port/sub-port/state/flags error? try [if jobs = 0 [jobs: load %jobnro.lpr]] port/user: any [port/user "anonymous"] if port/state/custom [port/state/custom: port/state/custom/1] send-command port receive-job ] insert: func [port [port!] data] [ port/last-remote-service: jobnro bind control 'port port/user-data: data send-command port receive-data send-data port port/user-data port/state/num + 1 port/local-service: join control/1 next control send-command port receive-control send-data port port/local-service port/state/num + 1 ] close: func [port [port!]] [ system/words/close port/sub-port ] copy: func [ port /local command c-port ] [ bind queue-status 'port c-port: system/words/open/lines join tcp:// [port/host ":" port/port-id] system/words/insert c-port net-utils/net-log join queue-status/1 next queue-status msg: net-utils/net-log system/words/copy c-port system/words/close c-port msg ] net-utils/net-install 'lpr self 515 ] -- GMXler aufgepasst - jetzt viele 1&1 New WebHosting Pakete ohne Einrichtungsgebuehr + 1 Monat Grundgebuehrbefreiung!