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Types of scratches that can appear on laminate floor and how to fix it

The price and durability of laminate flooring contribute to its appeal. Since laminate flooring was invented, it has developed into a cost-effective alternative to real hardwood flooring as it is less expensive to buy, install, and maintain.

In contrast to flooring made of materials like tile or hardwood, laminate flooring has the drawback of being easy to scratch and scrape. Therefore, in this post, The King Live will give you instructions to guide you on how to fix scratches in laminate flooring.

1. Small scratches

Minor scratches often have a shallow depth, a small surface area, and are infrequent. Fill in the scratches using wax pencils, make sure to match the floor's color. Use the filler lightly at first because deeper filler results in darker repairs. Use the wax pencil's tip to blend the leftover wax into the laminate's surface until the scratches appear to have sufficiently filled with wax. Smooth out the wax filler and carefully polish the repair's edges using a soft cloth.

2. Minor scrapes

Scratches are narrower than minor scrapes, which do not reach the design layer. A new plank is probably necessary if your scrape is wide and deep. In order to fill in scratches left by wax pencils, floor repair putty is utilized.

In accordance with the directions on the repair kit, match the putty's color to the laminate flooring's hue. Make sure you just add a few drops of putty color at a time. Using a putty knife or other similar equipment, apply the color-matched putty over the scratches. To ensure that the scrapes are thoroughly filled, apply the putty over them at various angles. To remove extra putty and make an even repair, scrape the flooring repair and the surrounding area with the putty knife's clean edge. The method is the same if you've used spackling to fix drywall dings and dents.

3. Big scrapes

A laminate floor has major scrapes if the floorboard is severely scraped, maybe over a sizable area of the floor, or if the scratches fully pierce the laminate floor's top surface. Major scrapes cannot be adequately repaired with wax and putty. Replace the laminate floorboard that is damaged.

If you don't already have a spare laminate floorboard, get one that matches. Remove the baseboard at the wall nearest to the replacement floorboard using a pry bar. To reveal the damaged floorboard, raise the floorboards. Take out the broken floorboard and install the new one. Replace any floorboards that are not damaged.

4. Color matching

Laminate flooring that has obvious repairs is not much better. Matching the color of the laminate floor with the repair material is crucial for any laminate flooring scratch repair since repairs should be undetectable.

Flooring repair kits are produced by producers of laminate flooring. Acquiring the proper kit from the manufacturer ensures accurate color matching. Wax pencils, colored putty, a putty knife or other similar tool, and thorough color-matching instructions are sometimes included in laminate flooring repair kits.

If you don't know the name of the flooring's manufacturer, take a sample plank section to the hardware store and buy a DIY laminate flooring repair kit that nearly matches the sample's color. Prepare to make your own putty colors at that point.

Scratches or scrapes on your beautiful laminate can leave such an unpleasant sight and hopefully with this How To Fix Scratches On Laminate Floors - Detailed Floor Repair Guide, you will never have to face that problem a day in your life.


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