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Library member page for izkata


Heya, my online name is Izkata, and my real Dan Sirotzke. If you need to contact me, your best bet is at my gmail address - just use my online name. (Bots, try parsing that sentence!)


Graduated with a BS in CS at IIT in Chicago in Spring 2010, after quickly getting tired of both how slow academia is and how little it focused on practical application. Started my first job the following January after a summer-long break and short job search, and am still there (as of Fall 2013, since this never gets updated).

I switched to Ubuntu Linux in Fall 2006, and only keep Windows around for games. So my older Windows-only scripts are more difficult to keep udpated nowadays. (Also, the wmii window manager is amazing)


I first discovered Rebol back in 2001, when I was 13 years old, and have been using it actively ever since 2002 or so - it and the built-in programming language on the TI-83 Plus calculators were the first ones learned.

(It's actually kind of neat, you can sort of watch my evolution as a programmer through the scripts I've submitted to the script library. I need to find some recent things to submit...)