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Library member page for gchiu


My name is Graham Chiu, and my userid is "gchiu".

1. Profile Bio

I discovered computers serendipitously when a term of computer science was included in the first year of my biomedical degree. My first program I remember from that semester was a solution to the knight's tour written in Fortran using punch cards. I didn't have a chance to play with computers until nearly 10 years later when I was doing post graduate research in London. Those were the years .. the shops in Tottenham Court Road were filled with Dragon 32, Jupiter Aces, Sinclair Spectrums and of course the Commodore 64. I bought a C64 and after dabbling in Basic, moved on to Forth, which I stayed with when I moved on to an Amiga 1000. With the demise of the Amiga, I moved on to Rebol and have been mostly there since.

These days I reserve the right to program as a hobbyist, meaning that although I have read Brodie's work on writing readable Forth programs ( factoring, choosing correct names etc ), I just write for myself .. and hide my work behind encap so no-one will see how far I have fallen!

I see progamming as a tool to achieve aims, and write programs that fufill a function that I need.

2. My Scripts

I don't know how these got here, but here they are ..

Scripts owned by gchiu

3. Current Projects

3.1 Cerebrus

An antispam filter that works as a pop proxy, and as a (undocumented) imap proxy

3.2 REBOLml

A database of all the Rebol mailing list which updates and is searchable

3.3 XFT

An XML based web service that currently encompasses file serving ( using asynchronous IO), and chat