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Library member page for btiffin

Brian Tiffin

1. Profile

I'm Brian William Tiffin. Born in Meaford, Ontario, Canada on August 14th, 1963.

I started programming in 1979, on a TRS-80/Model I. My first language was Z80 assembler. TBUG on the TRS-80 interested me, but I had to write a relocatable debugger, so DEBUG HILO was created.

Why did I have to write a relocatable debugger? So I could debug DEBUG HILO.

After high school, I went off to the University of Waterloo to pursue a Bachelor of Mathematics degree. That pursuit is not yet completed. I started working for the Canadian military at the National Defense Headquarters and silently dropped out of school.

2. Personality

Prefer humour over seriousness.

Find fiscal matters uninteresting, so I'm more often broke than not.

Raised in a christian environment, I still read the Bible nearly everyday. I'm on my fifth read. At 14, on my second read through, I found it...a little unscientific. I have Buddhist tendencies now.

Quantum Physics is where I daydream.

Science Fiction and Fantasy is what I read after Physics, Math and religious texts.

Warhammer by Games Workshop is by far my favourite game.

Poker is a distant second.

Chose manual labour over programming later in life. Got all bummed out over automating humans out of work, to what, pad the pockets of the elite few. Computers don't feed people.

Have recently (2007) started to think of myself as a programmer again.

Preferred manual labours; Hanging drywall followed by construction site cleanup.

3. Programming Languages I have been paid to sling code in

(in close to chronological order)

  • Pascal
  • Fortran
  • EXEC
  • JCL
  • BASIC, GWBASIC, Visual Basic
  • C, Visual C, GNU C
  • polyFORTH - 15 years immersed in poly.
  • Z80, 6809, 6502, 68000, 68020, VAX/Macro assemblers
  • dBASE
  • Bourne shell - Unix sh, csh, zsh and now bash
  • awk
  • C++ on HPUX, Visual C++
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Icon
  • Java
  • perl
  • HTML - does this count as "programming"?
  • php
  • JavaScript

That list may not be exhaustive.

4. Programming languages

(in order of "likey"ness)

  • Forth
  • C
  • Icon
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Assembler
  • Pascal
  • awk
  • sh, bash, zsh, csh
  • Java
  • Snobol
  • dBASE
  • Logo
  • Ruby
  • Prolog
  • Smalltalk/80
  • perl
  • Python
  • Lisp
  • Modula-3
  • Ada
  • REXX
  • EXEC
  • JCL
  • Haskell
  • Eiffel
  • Modula-2
  • Oberon
  • HyperCard
  • Dylan
  • Limbo
  • C++, C# (continually floats to the bottom, more from pigheadedness than merit)

I quite sure that list is not exhaustive

5. Operating system preferences

  • OpenVMS/VAX
  • GNU/Linux
  • OS/2
  • MacOS
  • HPUX
  • System 3270
  • Windows (this is down this low, again more from pigheadedness than merit)
  • Coherent (cool, but not powerful enough on the PC I had at the time)
  • MS/DOS
  • TRS/80 - no disk, wasn't called Operating System back then.

There have been others I've been lucky enough to try, but mostly I read operating system manuals, just to know.

6. Operating System time-in

(will change with age) All time-in is dropping except GNU/Linux, Windows, MS/DOS. MacOS (when given a chance)

  • OpenVMS/VAX
  • Windows
  • MS/DOS (dropping - rarely touched now, but DEBUG is one of my favourite programs)
  • GNU/Linux
  • HPUX
  • Coherent
  • MacOS
  • OS/2
  • TRS/80
  • System 3270

7. Library entries

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