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Cookies help

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very small file that helps us identify you so we can tailor pages for you.

We set either a session cookie which is deleted when you logoff or exit your browser.

Or a persistent cookie which will last nn days. This is set if you tick the Remember me? checkbox.
You can set nn in Control panel / Update profile and personal preferences. The default is 31 days.

Enabling cookies

For the cookie to work, you may need to tell your browser to accept cookies from
Here are some notes for enabling session cookies in common browsers. If your browser is not listed, please send us a feedback note saying how to enable cookies for that browser, and we'll update this list.

BrowserEnabling cookies
Internet Explorer Go to Tools / Internet Options / Security
 Click the Internet globe and the select Custom Level
 Enable Allow per-session cookies (not stored)
Lynx O for Options
 Set Preferences / Cookies to either Accept all or Ask user
Mozilla Go to Edit / Preferences / Privacy and Security / Cookies
 Select Enable cookies
 You might want to select Throw away cookies on exit
Netscape Navigator Go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced
 Select Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server
Opera Go to File / Preferences / Privacy
 Click Enable cookies for the originating website only

The Library cookie

We set a cookie in the format:

  • name= -- is a literal value
  • user-name -- is your Library member name
  • id-string -- allows us to confirm that this is the cookie we set for you. Without this, someone at another machine could pretend to be you by faking up a cookie

Your current cookie looks like this