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1. What's a favorite?

Favorites are items in the Library that a user has bookmarked.

By default, favorites are private -- only the user who has marked them can see them.

But any user can mark any of their favorites as public -- meaning other users can see them.

If you have at least one public favorite, a link will appear in the View Users, favorites column 

There is also a list of Library members with public favorites. 

2. Creating favorites

If you are logged on, you can mark any script, script documentation, mailing list thread, or article as a personal favorite. You can do so any time you see the add to favorites link in the main menu.

  • Unlike favorites or bookmarks in your browser, the Library favorites are held on the website. They are available to you whatever browser or whoever's computer you are using.
  • You can also chose to make them visible to other users of the Library -- see below.

3. Private or public

You favorites are private by default. Only you can see them.

You can chose to make any favorite a public favorite by editing it and ticking the pub? checkbox.

  • Any use of the Library can see your public favorites
  • If you've added a note to the favorite saying what is special about the item. That will also be visible to other users.

4. Editing favorites

Use the favorites edit link to delete or update your favorites.

  • Del? -- tick to remove the favourite.
  • Pub? -- tick to make the favourite public. Other Library users can see your public favorites. Only you can see your non-public (ie private) favorites.
  • Sort -- supply a value (up to 10 character) to group or sort favorites into your preferred sequence.
  • Rating -- Give us your opinion as an integer from 0 (lowish opinion) to 100 (very high opinion). Your rating remains private at all times; but is aggregated and used as part of our script popularity  rankings.
  • Details -- a short note about why this is a favorite. Other Library users will be able to see this if the favorite is public.

Last updated: 1-Mar-2006