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Articles search

1. How to search it

  • Type words to be searched in the Find articles box (in the left menu)
  • Press enter

2. Questions?

2.1. How do I exclude a word?

Type a tilde at the front of it, eg:

  • carl sassenrath -- searchs for "carl" AND "sassenrath"
  • carl ~sassenrath -- searchs for "carl" BUT NOT "sassenrath"

2.2. What about paths and things?

The indexing is designed to work with many words that are common within REBOL.

You can search for paths: e.g. system/words or system/schemes/http, but we do need a precise match on the path (system/schemes does not find system/schemes/http)

Similarly, ! and ? are treated as letters when they are at the end of a word:

  • A search for object! produces different results to object? or object

2.3. email addresses?

They are nor indexed because:

  • we do not recognise the @ symbol as a letter. It's treated as a word separator. So parts of email address that appear in the body of messages may be indexed, but not the whole string.
  • That's deliberate to make it a little harder for the harvesters.

3. Problems?

Tell us about them! Please use the feedback form.

Last updated: 11-Apr-2005