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Articles FAQ

What sort of articles do you want?

Anything that has a focus about REBOL.

Who owns the article after it is submitted?

The author owns the copyright at all times.

By contributing the article to, you are granting a non-exclusive right to publish the article on the Library website.

Can you change my article?

We reserve the right to edit articles for suitability. We will only do that after consulting with the author.

What does "on hold" mean?

If you are looking at one of your own articles, you'll see it is reported as being in one of three status points:

  • Published -- Anyone can see it
  • Saved -- You have saved the article without publishing it. Only you and the Librarians can see it
  • On hold -- The Librarians have saved it without publishing it. Only you and the Librarians can see it

An on hold article is being discussed by the Librarians. We'll get back to you and let you know what the issues are. This status point is a contingency to protect the library against spammers and troll. We hope never to have to use it

You can continue to edit and update an article that is on hold.

Who else can update my article?

  • You: under normal circumstances only you can edit the article. As described above, if necessary, a Librarian can also edit the article after consulting with you.
  • Any Library member: if you tag an article with the [wiki:public]  tag, then any Library member can edit it. (Only you (the owner) can remove the [wiki:public] tag; and only you can decide to unpublish the aticle, so you remain in charge at all times).
  • Chosen Library members: you can also chose to share ownership of the article with any other Library members. Any member with whom you share ownership can edit the article. This is a useful method of jointly writing an article -- you can each edit it as a saved (ie not published) article until you are happy that it is finished.

So how do I share ownership?

There's a slightly cranky method available: follow this link.  You'll need to edit the URL -- see the notes on the page.

Do articles need to be in English?

No. we'll accept any language. We may need to tweak a few settings to emit HTML with the right lang and CHARSET for your language. There is no automatic process in place for this yet. Please contact us, and we'll put something in place.

How can I have images and other inclusions in my article?

Yes. But the process is slightly tricky: you to use the LDS API to upload files. For more information, please see uploading article accessories. 

How do I contribute an article?

More information here. 

Last updated: 11-Nov-2007