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REBOL [ Title: "Tower of REBOL" Date: 17-Nov-1998 File: %tower.r Purpose: "REBOL can speak to many audiences." Comment: { Words can mean different things for different speakers. } library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: 'Demo domain: 'x-file tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] Version: 1.0.0 Author: "Anonymous" ] use [block-of-words ways-to-speak plain-words] [ block-of-words: [ Hello friend newline This is a block of words newline This block can be spoken differently for different people newline ] ;; Create a block of strings with the normal way to say it: plain-words: copy [] foreach word block-of-words [ insert tail plain-words ( either word = 'newline [ :newline ] [ mold word ]) ] ;; This block contains different ways to speak. ;; The way to say different words can be defined here, and ;; that way can be any REBOL expression. ways-to-speak: [ Hill-billy [ Hello: "Howdy" friend: "city slicker" this: "this here" a: "uh" of: "uh" for: "fer" block: "blawk" words: "werdz" can: "kin" spoken: "sed" differently: "differnt" different: "differnt" people: "folks" ] Sales-speak [ Hello: "Greetings" friend: "valued customer," block: reform [pick ["priceless" "lucrative" ] random 2 "unit" ] words: "lexical commodities" can: "is pro-actively enabled to" spoken: "tapped into" differently: reform ["accordingly" newline] for: "to suit the desires of" different: "various demographic" people: "target audiences" ] Angry [ Hello: "Hey" friend: "bub" block: "bleepin' block" words: "blankin' words" spoken: reform ["thrown on the screen" newline] differently: "any old way" different: "any given" people: "whomever" ] Bombastic [ Hello: "Salutations and accolades" friend: "esteemed user," block: reform [pick ["most miraculous" "most amazing" "hardly befitting" ] random 3 block ] words: reform ["lowley" words] set [differently different] ["alternate ways" "various"] people: reform [newline "personages"] ] ] example: [ set block-of-words plain-words print ["Plain way to say it:"] print block-of-words forskip ways-to-speak 2 [ do second ways-to-speak print ["Now we'll say it in" first ways-to-speak ":"] print block-of-words set block-of-words plain-words ; (default words to use) ] "done" ] ] do example
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage